Saturday, October 23, 2010

No Nude Blogging - Just Too Tired

I missed the Nude Blogging Last night. Heave traffic, road construction and too many hours awake caused me to pass out in the motel room even before I got my shower - or had dinner.

Disappointed, too! I was looking forward to this trip because of all the fall colors. Not! There were patches of colors along the way, but mostly still green. What I did see was beautiful, though. I was about a week early and one good frost away form the beautiful season. Dammit!

What didn’t make sense is the Shenandoah Valley, along I-81, not even in the mountains, was bare of leaves. The ride looked like mid winter. But the sun was out and the sky was beautiful.

That wraps up this travel report. Sorry there is nothing more worth talking about…other than the ubiquitous blow job a woman was giving the driver as they passed me. Her head has to know what it’s like to be an NBA basketball.

Siiigghhh! Lucky man!


Charlene said...

Seeing that was something that happened to me when I was working second shift once. It was a Wednesday night about midnight. I pulled up to a stop light in my truck and to my left was a Jeep. A guy sitting in the driver's seat and she in the passenger leaning over into his lap. He must have noticed me noticing as her head poped up and she turned in my direction and grinned. The light changed. We drove on.

Anonymous said...

The leaves are weird here. Half of the trees are completely bare and the other half are gorgeous.

Coffeypot said...

Charlene, having driven Coca Cola and Beer route trucks for close to 20 years, I have seen that happen many times. Onec with a woman in the middle (bench seats - remember those)between two men given them a hand job. Some men meet the coolest women.

SW - I's ALGORE's fault.

Barb said...

hmmm. I've led a fairly sheltered life.