Monday, November 15, 2010

A Special Hero Is Gone - By Accident

(Hero's Rufus on the left and Target At Ease)

These two dogs saved about 50 troops from certain death when they attacked a terrorist loaded with explosive material.  They were then saved and brought back from Afghanistan to live with two of the men they saved. One, Rufus, came to Sgt Duke here in Atlanta. The other dog, Target, went to a fellow soldier living in Arizona. Target was even on Oprah’s show.

Their story can be seen here:  I cannot post the video link to this as it is blocked. But if you cut and paste, you will see these little soldiers as the arrive in Atlanta.

Today one of my readers asked me to post this article.

Dear John,

I am hesitant to ask this of you, but my blog is new and I only have a few readers. Please consider publicizing this story on your blog.'hero'-dog

This dog meant SO MUCH to hundreds of people. The last dog I cried for had been by my side for 9 years, but today I cried all the way home from work. Target's entire story can be found on the Puppy Rescue Mission Facebook page. Hundreds of people donated money, and dozens gave their time to bring her to the US, where she would be saved from a dog's pathetic existence in Afghanistan.

She was living with one of the soldiers whose lives she saved. She's now dead because of a stupid mistake.

Thank you,

It’s sad when we lose our hero’s after returning home, but when one as committed as Target is lost, it is doubly sad.  I pray that the Sergeant and his family find peace very soon.


GrizzBabe said...

Very sad. Rest in peace, Target!

Mike Golch said...

I hope that jackass is FIRED!!!!!!!

McGillicutty said...

what a sad sad story... :(

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Target is nothing less than a fallen soldier.

Rest in Peace pup....

Anonymous said...

OH NO!!! Poor Target...