Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thanks, Guys, For Your Service and Off To New York Again

Thank you, peeps, for all you have said and done for the veterans out there. Whether they be part of your family, or friends, or people you have served with or are serving with now, may all your thanks and well wishes be well received. I personally know they are appreciated.

And I am sending my thanks to all you guys and gals, as well as the families of these awesome people, on this day of honor. You were there when duty called. Regardless of how and where your served, you put on the uniform, went through the training, put up with all the nit-shit military stuff, and made yourself a better, stronger person because of it.

I hope you get to enjoy some of the special stuff offered in most areas today. Free food, special discounts, free entries to some cool places and waling with pride because you served with your own ‘Band of Brothers.’ Oh! Sorry! And sisters, too.

Me? Not so much. I will be on the road today and tonight headed toward New York with some excited dogs who are looking forward to moving into a ‘forever home.’

Might do some nude blogging on Friday night. Maybe not. But y’all will be in my thoughts.

Thanks, guys!

And Proud of It, Too.


Anonymous said...

Safe travels and Happy Veteran's Day! Maybe you can get some free food along the way.

Kanani said...

Nude blogging on veterans day is A-OK.

Mike Golch said...

Coffeepot I Thank You for your service.For a fellow veteran(USAF) and a son of a veteran(USAAF.

Unknown said...

My warmest thanks to you for your service once upon a time...and for all you continue to do.
Safe travels my friend.

Wrexie said...

Thanks for serving... Happy Veteran's Day

(I wouldn't tell the dogs you're a vet...they might misuderstand)
safe travels...

shrink on the couch said...

Veterans and active duty alike - your service to this country is so very much appreciated. Thank you!

Sarge Charlie said...

thank you mr coffey

Momma Fargo said...

Thank you for your service! Happy and safe travels, Coffey. It's too cold here to do nude blogging...LOL