Thursday, January 13, 2011

Going To Sea Again...Not Sure...Maybe

                      (USS Kidd (DDG 100)

Look what I may be doing in February. I got a call yesterday from my Navy association buddy on the left coast wanting to know if I wanted to go to sea again - on a US Navy Destroyer. Will a dog sniff an ass? Hell yes I want to go.

Back in September we had my ship’s reunion in San Diego and one of the activities was a tour of the USS Kidd (DDG 100).  The Captain of the USS Kidd’s daughter goes to school with one of our members granddaughter (or something like that) and was very gracious in letting us tour his ship.  The crew were the best. I haven’t been called ‘Sir’ so much in many years.

Cmdr. Paul Bieraugel  (the ships Captain) is having a day cruse for selected guest, and a few of us from our association were invited.

I must say I was excited as a teenager in a whorehouse with his dad’s credit card…until I got to thinking about the credit card.  Flying across the country, rent a car, stay in a motel, food and drinks…maybe I had better pass it up.

Judy is excited for me and wants me to go, but I have a hard time spending that kind of money on just me.  I mean, I know I am totally worth that and much more (in my own mind), but there are things we can do with that money, too.

I have a few days to think about it.  Maybe I will go…don’t know.

Is it too selfish to want to do something like that without Judy or the grandkids going with me?  It’s so hard to keep my narcissism in check.

Go Navy!


Riley Carson said...

Never turn down a possibly good experience.

Money you can get again, but experiences you won't often get a second chance at.

Mike Golch said...

Go for it!

Venom said...

If it were Judy who had a chance to do something WONDERFUL and EXILERATING and just for herself - would you resent her for wanting to do it? Of course not.

Speaking as a wife, I know Judy is sincere when she's telling you to go, and to enjoy every moment.

You worry about spending some $$? Well, didn't you earn it? Won't there be more coming?
Unless you're about to lose your home or are on the verge of declaring bankruptcy, to deny yourself completely is an act of martyrdom that nobody will appreciate.

It is not wrong or selfish to do something just for yourself once in a while. In fact, those things we do only for ourselves build up a store of joy in our hearts that spills over and benefits everyone we love.

Go for it. Absolutely.

Anonymous said...

You should go! I'm sure Judy will understand.

Ed said...


You HAVE TO do it!

Think about it. How often do you get a chance like that?

Besides, at your age, what else do you have to look forward to besides death?


Do IT!

Dazee Dreamer said...

oh my hell, you better go or I'm going hurt you.

Anonymous said...

THIS COMES FROM JOE: "This is your LAST chance to relive an important part of your past. A part of 'who you are' and why.

Think of all the frivolous things your money has been spent on in the past and look around...see if they're still important.

Do you not WANT to take Judy? It could be a memory that can never be duplicated.

And, by all that it holy, and for God's sake LEAVE THE GRANDKIDS AT HOME.

This is for YOU. Everything else has been FOR THEM.

Coffeypot said...

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and advice. Y’all and Judy have convinced me to go. I am waiting on the details now so I can make my reservations.

Riley, you are correct. Money is only money (unless you don’t have any) but the memories and fellowship with old shipmates on a ship…priceless.

Mike, Am!

Venom, Judy said the exact same thing. She said if she had an opportunity to go to Paris, she would wave at me from the airplane window as it pulled away from the gate. She really wants me to go. I guess spending the money, though it wouldn’t hurt us, was still in my mind. I have a difficult time buy clothes or shoes or anything not Waffle House related.

Snuggle (Bunny) Judy does understand and is encouraging me to go.

Ed, Dude! Until now, death was the most exciting thing I had going for me. Now if I can just live long enough to go.

Dazee, huummm, what’cha got in mind. Are handcuffs involved?

Dana, my thanks to Joe. I do want to take Judy, but it looks like we will be going on Feb 4th. That is right in the middle of her international book-closing and she is working 12 to 18 hour days. She does the job of about 20 people in France, too. She would have to give a two week notice before she died.

CI-Roller Dude said...

that's too cool. Will they let you shoot the deck gun or launch any exploding devices?
and for god's sake, take your fishing pole!
This old grunt prefers to be on dirt!

Coffeypot said...

Dude, I know how you feel about not having terra firma under your feet. You told me once that never in the history of man has a soldier been eaten by a shark in a foxhole.

suz said...

Glad you're going; you just shouldn't miss this!

Lickety Splitter said...

An experience like that, trumps waffles! Go west young man! Never say no to an experience most people aren't privy to!

McGillicutty said...

Man.... how awesome! Seize the moment is what I say.
Go... enjoy... come back and share!!!

Biddie said...

If you have the cash (credit) and Judy wants you to go, then GO!
We all need a little alone time and you deserve to have some fun :)

middle child said...

Judy wants you to go and the time to experience life is now. Buh-by! Have fun and bring me back a sailo,,.um, seahorse?

Sandra said...

Not selfish at all, it's called loving yourself...don't roll your eyes, I'm being encouraging here.
My only concern is: when will you blog?

Wrexie said...

Sheesh! Glad you figured it out...cuz you know what happens to kids that stand on the high dive and say "should I jump?"? Yeah... we push 'em! haha.

Anonymous said...

Get your ass on the goddamn ship. After all you do for everyone else? This doesn't even bear discussion. Yeesh.