Friday, January 14, 2011

I Am Longing For Spring

(Not My Dog - From Google For Effect)

Those of you who have been reading me from the start (‘06), though I don‘t think I have anyone still dropping by from that time, you know that when I take my dogs out for their evening constitutional, I also take a pee with them.

It’s a bonding thing between us and has nothing to do with my enlarged prostate and peeing every time I stand up. No Sir! Pee Together; Stay Together! That’s my motto. Know what I mean?

Anypee, I sometimes just pee off the deck but mostly I am right out in the yard with them.

I do draw the line on pooping in the yard, though. I’m old and I just can’t get my legs to go straight up in the air and I can’t lean forward enough to grab the grass to pull my ass along to wipe it anymore. So I just pee.

And that is a good thing, now, too. With all this snow and ice, I think it would be very painful. And who wants frostbite on their butt?

The good thing is seeing my name written in yellow all over the backyard. White and yellow. Kinda like Ga Tech colors. GO DAWGS!

Just thought you would like to know why I'm longing for Spring.


Dazee Dreamer said...

I just spit my coffee all over. You crack me up.

Miss Em said...

Hi Blog Daddy,


Now I got to pick myself up of the floor from Laughing so hard that I fell off the chair.

{Remind my self to check the new tiles that my butt landed on to see if I cracked any of them. You do remember that I'm not a small person.}

Just remember to not "eat" the yellow snow.

Miss Em

Anonymous said...

I guess you aren't making snow ice cream with the grandkids.

LilPixi said...

Too damn funny.

I can so relate to that title.

middle child said...

Well hell yeah! I pee in the snow but have been practicing for 20 years now and I STILL can't pee my name.

Ducky said...

Me too!

AND I can pee my name!

Mary Manley said...

Guys really do that? I thought Tom was just joking when he told me about the joy of snow writing when he lived in Iowa. Bet the neighbors are longing for spring too! LOL

Coffeypot said...

Mary, darling. It is so great to see you here. I watched the Beacon video last night and you looked as good as ever. Now set up your blog...

And piss writing is an art and an acheivement.