Sunday, January 02, 2011

The Wayfaring Warrior

***Wahoo, horns blaring, crowds yelling and clapping...I got the link to work. How the inquisitive mind might like to know? I retyped the damn thing.***

Peeps, in my wanderings across the bloggersphere I run into some amazing writers; some very funny and/or sarcastic, some military post and some with serious or reflective musings. Some I choose to follow and others I will check in on every now and then.

In my wanderings I have found one that I started following daily, a lovely young lady who is a Civilian Soldier. She is an officer (though I don’t hold that against her since someone has to be one) in the National Guard and was formerly active duty. She use to call herself the Wayfaring Stranger, and now she calls her blog the Wayfaringwarrior because she fights with everyone. No! Just kidding! She named herself the Wayfaring Warrior because her writing is geared toward the military side of life.

She is an excellent writer and is working on publishing a book on the military and spouses (both she and her husband are military) and other stuff. Go on over and read her, she is great. If I got any of the details wrong…just consider it me and go read the real stuff over there.

I stole this from her sit, too, because that is how I roll. But it is funny and even the most serious of subjects can have a lighter side.

Check her out, yo!


suz said...

I love the song, but the link didn't work!

Mike Golch said...

Good Song the link sucked.

Coffeypot said...

I’m not sure what’s wrong with the link. I have checked and rechecked the spelling and all. Go to my side bar or Google Wayfaring Warrior. She comes up on both without any trouble.

Sandra said...

Glad you aren't holding her rank against her! And yes, I am laughing, my husband is ex-military, and that's totally something he would have said.

Paxford said...

Found her :) - and now following!


Ed said...

Still haven't figured the link thing out yet, have ya?


Coffeypot said...

Ed, yes, I did, smart-ass. I don't give up...I beg, borrow and stead. For all you peeps who sent me emals, thank you. It seems it was my 'cut and paste' that was the problem. I retyped it and there it was.

Ducky said...

I knew you could figure it out....don't sweat it that people underestimate you... its better that way. They expect less and you'll always wow them ;)

Anonymous said...

I knew someone smarter than me would help you out with the link. (Not that it takes much to be smarter than me.)

Hope you and your family have a fabulous 2011!

Venom said...

Having been a base-brat with a son about to enlist, yeah, I have a soft spot for those who serve.

ps. Just fyi - annual blogroll update going on at VSL and you're being added. Now you can die a happy and fulfilled man - but not for a long time.

You're welcome.

McGillicutty said...

My hubby was with Wildcats131 on the George Washington....I have a great link for ya. Ill send it ltr when im at a real computer. :o)