Sunday, March 27, 2011

Garden of Eden and The Creation

(Is Satan saying, “Go ahead, he won’t cum in your mouth.”?)

First, the Lord made man
In the Garden of Eden.
Then He said to himself,
“There’s something he’s needing.”

After casting about for a suitable pearl,
Kept messing around 'till He created a girl.

God named the creation ‘Woman’ and gave her…

Two beautiful legs,
So long and so tender.
A beautiful waist
So trim and so slender.

Two lovely hips
To increase his desire,
Round and firm
To bring out the fire.

Two lovely breast,
So full and so proud,
Commanding his eyes
As she whips them around.

Two lovely arms
Just waiting to hold you.
Two loving hands
To sooth and caress, too.

Soft cascading hair
Hung down over her shoulder,
With two dreamy eyes
To make him grow bolder.

Two beautiful lips,
So warm and inviting.
God knew that the man
Would find them exciting.

She was made for a man
To make his heart sing.
The He added vocal chords
And ruined the whole damn thing...


Biddie said...

Nice. It's almost like you wrote it yourself. :)

middle child said...

Actually, God made the woman because the man never knew WTF he was doing.

suz said...

Yeah, I'm with middle child!

Liz Mays said...

I second middle child's sentiments!

Anonymous said...

Ha! What Middle Child said!

Stacy said...

Man was the practice run. God got it right the second time.

Coffeypot said...

Middle child, no, He brought a woman into the picture because he knew that man need someone to have sex with other than sheep, donkeys and calves. He knew man would need someone to cook and clean the cave while he was out hunting and gathering. He also knew that man would also have to protect his woman or lose his bonking buddy and cave cleaner, so he made him stronger. But as evolution happens, woman became more independent, more bossy, emasculating the man into a pussy whipped, ball less weakling…commonly known as Democrats.