Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Last week while the grandkids were on Spring Break and bored out of their goard, they came up with this little project, emailed it to Judy, and had Memaw print it out.
BY: Mater & Bug

He has great stories to tell us

He gives us tons and tons of love

He is so weird

He is very funny

He is a potty mouth even though that is kind of a bad thing

He is a horndog (from Mater) (perverted)

He is not just awesome he is super awesome

He is cool

He makes funny jokes

He is the nicest man u can ever meet in the bottom part (Hell)

He is easy to love

He loves us

He loves to read

He hates Spongbob Squarepants

He owns dogs and cats - he is just a plain animal lover

He is the most awesome old man (only joking) Paw Paw

He has a facebook account

He keeps in touch

He loves everybody except Democrats

He will take care of his daughter, his wife and us for the rest of his life

He rides us in wheel chairs and mobile carts in parks

He can not fish but he takes us anyway

He loves us more than anyone can imagine

Pretty cool, huh?


j-tony said...

That's an awesome list...You keep being great. Just shows you how much you mean to them. Something they'll never forget.

Sandra said...

I love that you have a Facebook account too...the better to creep you with! muwahahahaha
Oh, and I noticed there was nothing on there about the amount of cash you give these little darlings. Either you're a cheap bastard or they forgot to write that in the list xoxoxo Kisses darling!

Coffeypot said...

j-T. Thanks! They have grown up with us. Almost every weekend finds them hanging around here. And they live 60 miles away.

Sandra, keeping track on me may ruin your reputation. And Judy and I are their cash cow. Mater is 15 and Bug is 12 and the have already been on four cruses and as many states as we have. Wouldn't know what to do without the little shits around.

Rancher Mom said...

How awesome is that! Those two kids must have a great Mom and a great set of grandparents for sure. ;-)

Jamie said...

This letter is a keeper. There are no other words more important. Congrats on having completely awesome grandkids. :)

blueeyedtawni said...

awweeeee the little bugger do love you :D
ask them what they want hahah

seriously id frame this one :)

The Restaurant Manager said...

That's a GREAT list!!

Anonymous said...

That'svery, very cute.

Anonymous said...

I think Mater and Bug have your sense of humor. Great list. You're a wonderful grandfather.

dc said...

OK tell us how much you had to pay these kids? LOL Just kidding, I think it is awesome they think so much of you. You are truely blessed.

GunDiva said...

What a great list.

How much did it cost you to have them make it?

Anonymous said...

DAYUM! What a tribute. Are you SURE it was meant for YOU?

Ed said...

Thats AWESOME dude!

You seem like a great papaw.

gayle said...

You are such a great grandpa!! and Judy's the best grandma too, I'm sure!

What a sweet letter to treasure always!