Thursday, May 12, 2011

Happy To Be Home In Georgia


And I am so damn glad.  New Jersey is not one of my favorite places, and I have heard it called the arm pit the nation (if that is so, what appendage does that make Florida?).   In many ways, I have to agree.  The roads, for example, are among the worst in the nation.  Driving is like being on a washboard, and they earned the state motto, “The Garden State” mainly because of all the blooming idiots driving the bumpy roads.   But, to be fair there are some good things about the place, too.

The state is covered with hardwoods.  Being from Georgia, I am sick of pine trees - the pine pollen that turns everything yellow in the spring and the sap that sticks like super glue.  There are no pines in NJ.  If there are no one can see them.   There are woods everywhere, too.  Neighborhoods (especially the older ones) have huge trees in their yards and huge wooded areas between living areas. 

Dropping Judy off in the mornings at work, there are deer eating on company property and in the yards of the neighborhoods.  Driving down the turnpike, four deer tried to cross I 95 and car horns were blaring like a 4th of July parade.  They turned and ran back in the woods.

Another thing I like about New Jersey is my mother-in-law lives there.  Dot is a sweetie in her own way, but it is best for her survival that she live in New Jersey.

The best thing I’ve found in NJ is the Diners.  OMG!  It’s a wonder that everyone in the state doesn’t weigh over 300 lbs.  I’ll have to admit, there were three days that I did not think about (or even miss) the Waffle House.  And the amount served for the price paid???? I don’t see how the stay in business.  Every trip up there, I enjoy some of the best meals ever put in my mouth.

And the final thing I like about NJ is I-78 West and the New Jersey Turnpike (I 95) South.  New Jersey is a good place to be from. 

I know, I know.  It’s been a good home to millions of fine people.  It’s the people of NJ (once you get them out of the autos) that makes visiting there worth it. The television shows and movies give them a bad rap.  I have had nothing but good experiences with the funny talking people (I DO NOT TALK FUNNY, Y’ALL).

Judy and I got home at 7:30 this Wednesday morning and I was asleep at 7:31.  It was a good, busy weekend up there with Dot on Mother’s Day.  Plus, on Tuesday I had to do a three hour run to Menands, NY, to pick up a dog to bring back for Dr. Amber.   So it was tiring drive back, but it worth it.


Ed said...

Welcome back.

AirmanMom said...

Glad you had such a nice visit!
It sounds as though you have a gem of a MIL and she is blessed to call you Son-In-Law!

dc said...

Would love to see a post about this dog running that you do. Since I am a rather newbee to your site. Sounds like something that is a good thing. Thanks for your comments on my site. It is my outlet to get silly or just vent!

Suz said...

Missed ya! Glad you're back!

j-tony said...

Welcome back my friend. Glad you all had a nice time. Like they say though, there's no place like home.

Ali said...

its always good to be home in GA!!!