Sunday, May 08, 2011

Our Mother's Day Visit

Here are the two ladies of the day.  Judy and Dot on their way to church, and no, I didn’t go.

The drive up Friday night was very easy.  Beautiful weather and very light traffic.  It was cloudy most of the way so I missed the meteor showers that were supposed to be visible.  That was a bummer!

We got to Dot’s place around 7:30 Saturday morning, but it was too early to surprise her. She sleeps in to around 9:00 a.m.  So we tossed back in the truck and took a nap.  We made the grand entry around 9:00 a.m.  when we though she would be up and about.

She lives in an assisted living home and there is a speaker system that must be used to get into the building.  I pushed the button to her room and told her, “Delivery for Dot C.”   She buzzed us in and when she opened her door, we thought she would have a heart attack.  The surprise was a total success.   

Since then, we have been visiting and talking and eating and riding around old haunts that she hasn’t seen in years.

Monday night we are having dinner with Judy’s sister (can you tell how happy that makes me?)  They are Jehovah’s Whiteness’ so they had nothing to do with Mother’s Day.  I’ll forgive them, though. They don’t know any better.

Judy is gonna work at the home office Monday and Tuesday.  I’ll be on my on during the day Monday, and that is a very good thing.  But Tuesday I have to take a two hour drive up to NY to pick up a dog that is coming back to Dr. Amber’s.  So I’ll pick up Judy from work on the way back and we will be heading back home.

See y’all Wednesday for sure, if not some time tomorrow.  

Thanks for hanging in on the rambling and me boring you with our travels.  You are the best and I hope that all you mom's out there had a great day with plenty of rest and TLC.


Steve: The Lightning Man said...

Have a safe trip. See you in a couple days!

Wrexie said...

Oh that's so cool the near 'heart attack' surprise worked! lol
Sounds like a good Mom's Day for the girls... :)

Golden To Silver Val said...

Glad you pulled the surprise off without a hitch! Also glad the weather was really nice here too. Now don't you all fall in love with that doggie on the way back. LOL Most of all have a safe journey!

Jamie said...

You are such a great guy....and your Judy is very beautiful. I hope your trip back is uneventful - and that you don't fall for the dog, like Val said. Hugs, friend. :)

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

It's great when you can pull off a surprise. Sounds like you made her day.

blueviolet said...

You can't be surprising people at that age. It could result in a real heart attack! LOL But actually, it was a terrific surprise. :)

Penelope said...

What a surprise!

Have a safe trip :)

Momma Fargo said...

Two beautiful ladies! Sounds like a fine day. And tell Judy she is absolutely gorgeous. Howe did you end up with a hot dame like that? :)

Anonymous said...

Jehova's Witness sounds like a religion made for you...well...except for that "avoidance of the military" and not going to war and not saluting the flag and...uh...oh yeah: that god thing.

SY said...

have a safe trip! some of it seems less pleasant than others (elbows pointed at jehovah witness)