Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's Been Busy Round Here!

Lordy, peeps, I have been hopping busy as a one legged man in an ass kicking contest.  And it doesn’t look like it’s gonna easy up anytime soon.

First of all, we will be moving.  Judy and I have wanted to down size for some time now.  In fact, the house was on the market for three years.  We almost had it sold once, but the buyer lied about almost everything on his loan application, pluse he was six payments behind on his mortgage.   Ass wipe!

(My Abode Now)

Right now we live in a four bedrooms, three and a half bath house on a quarter acre with a full basement which is also is an apartment with a kitchen, bedroom, full bath, living room, office and storage where my SIL, Stephen and his wife, Laura, live. Too much for us and we desired to down size.

Also, Judy wants her chicks close by.  Our original plan was to move out of the city onto some land that we, Stephen and Dr. Amber could have their own homes.  Well, we had to make some adjustments and to reverse some roles…sorta.

(The New Homestead)

Steven has bought a house built in 2005 on seven acres with a full basement.  On the main level there are three bedrooms, two baths and a huge living/family room and kitchen.  In the basement, three bedrooms, two baths and a great room including a kitchen.  All on seven acres.  Judy and I will be living in the spacious basement, Steven and Laura on the main level and Dr. Amber will have room to build a home and kennels for her animals.  And the price is almost half what our present home is selling for.  Gotta love these bank-owned foreclosures folks.

Anyrealestate, Steven will be closing the last of this month and the moving will take place during the month of August, maybe into September.  There is no hurry…kinda. We do need to sell our place, but we have to do some touch ups to make it really appealing.  Just pray for a large family of blind people to buy it.

Then there is my nephew, David.  We finally got him out of that hell hole of a hospital.  Folks, if you are ever in Atlanta and you have an accident, take my advice and just die on the street.  You do not want to be taken to Grady Memorial.  Well, let me adjust that statement.  Their ER and IC are great.  The family is kept up to date on what is going on and what is planned.  But when you leave, make sure they transport you to a real hospital. The communication and support sucks when you get to a regular room at Grady Memorial.

David finally had the surgery - once the swelling went down.  He has plates and screws in his left ankle.  His right ankle has the same, plus a rod run up his leg to about an inch below his knee.  His right ankle and leg will be fused and he will not be able to bend his ankle from now on.

He is still wearing his back brace, and will continue to do so for months.  But he is now in a convalescence/rehab center close to his home.  His first day there they had him sitting in a wheel chair for four hours.  That is the first time he has been off his back in a month.  More work to do on him, but he is in much better spirits.  He will be alright soon enough.

Finally, my granddaughter, Bug, spent a week at horse camp and was in her element. She loves her horses. Unfortunately she lives in a subdivision and has no room for her own horse.  We are thinking about getting her one and keeping it on our land.  Time will tell.  One thing at a time!

So, between handling David’s affairs and trying to get ready for the move, I am pooped.  Ahhh, for the good old days when all I had to do was play on the computer, go to the Waffle House and take naps.  Siggghhhh!


GrizzBabe said...

Reversal of roles. I like that. And I bet the change will be good for all parties involved. BTW, who's mowing the 7 acres?

Coffeypot said...

Grizz, I think you are right. I think it will be good for all concerned. I have a feeling I will be riding the mower for a while. We were joking about a cow or goat, but I think it will be me on the riding mower. I don't mind it.

Suz said...

Any financial gain you get in real estate, will go right through a horse and fertilize the 7 acres. Horses don't eat hay, they eat money!

BH and I have been drooling over a number of foreclosures near our nation's capitol, not-too-patiently awaiting his bid. We may be able to buy quite a nice home out there.

Coffeypot said...

Suz, I know you are right about the horse. It's just I would love to be able to do that for her. But money is a strong consideration. Good luck with the bid and the home hunting. But DC? Don't think I would want to do that area. Too many people and cars. Maybe off in VA somewhere away from the crowd.

Lickety Splitter said...

Aha ... you who owned a house that would eat my house for a snack. Your bathroom was also probably bigger than my car ... now you are downsizing to a basement that could also eat my house for a snack. I'm all for downsizing ... less vacuuming!

Anonymous said...

My parents' house was on the market for 2 years in FL before it finally sold. Real estate sucks right now (for the seller anyway).

You and Judy need to take another cruise to relax when things settle down.

The Reckmonster said...

Ay caramba, I don't envy you...moving always sucks. But, it looks like you'll be enjoying the sprawling acreage!! You gonna get a boy to cut that 7 acres?! LOL! Beautiful digs, by the way - on both accounts!

AirmanMom said...

Good things happen to good people!
Prayers continue for David and for you as well.... hugs to Judy!

j-tony said...

Sounds like things are going well. Don't work to hard. You know the 'ol all work and no play thing.

Momma Fargo said...

Wow. Your home is beautiful. And the new one is too! Glad you guys are getting to live in the place you want to. Prayers to David.

powdergirl said...

Whew! You guys are movers!

I always had horses as a kid, kept one up till 6 years ago on my own place, in fact. I haven't found horses to be more expensive than any other hobby. They are a lot of maintenance though. Well worth it, they taught me a lot. Horse ownership, like any other pet or animal ownership, takes a little thinking through and planning. But your lovely daughter can probably advise you best with that : )
Whatever you decide, I'm sure y'all will di it right.

Lemons Don't Make Lemonade said...

both houses look fantastic. Lucky you.

Beau's Mom said...

Your "house" is a huge estate and your basement is a smaller estate. Should I address you as Mr. Enron??

Have you considered doing what I did? Move, THEN put your house on the market at a below cost price. Then wait for a tornado to come along and plant trees inside, then sell it to someone who has "visions" of fixing it up.

And at the price it sold for, we're IN THE HOLE for $50,000 on it.

Yeah. Worked for us. *sob*