Thursday, September 22, 2011


Give me a break!!!

As some of you know, Judy and I are going to move into the basement of my step-son’s new house (new to him.)  It already has three carpeted bedrooms and two tiled baths and the whole length of the house for a kitchen and living room.  We just have to build the kitchen; hang the cabinets, adjust the plumbing and stuff.  We (Judy mostly) have already run the electrical wiring, studded for the walls and put up the walls.  We only have to paint the walls and decide what we want to do with the concrete floor (carpet, linoleum, paint, etc.) and hang the ceiling.  There is also a desire to pour a concrete patio outside our door and add an awning.

All this cost money – lots of money – even though we are doing the work ourselves.  But we were doing okay.  We had been setting some aside all year in anticipation of fixing up whatever place we chose to purchase.  The budget was gonna be tight but we could manage it.

Until last night!

I had gone to a pole workers training class in anticipation of working the upcoming elections in November (local stuff).  I have been given a precinct to run and had to work with and train my team.  All was good.

After the training was over, I went to the car and cranked her up.  She jerked and died.  I cranked her again and drove off.  However, when I came to a stop sign or traffic light, she idled rough.  I could feel the vibrating through the steering wheel.  If it had been a car from the past, one that I could work on without a computer, I would have thought it had jumped a cog in the timing gear.  Not unheard of, but not normal, either.  But with the new plastic belts (a piece of shit really) I didn't think that was the problem.  I would wait and see what might happen.

This morning though, Judy said the Check Engine light was on and it was running rough.  So she took the truck to work and I took the car to the dealer.  Yep!  Just as I feared.  It jumped a cog (or what ever the plastic piece of shit belt does) in the timing gear.  Great! Just fucking great! 

I am now looking at $1,200 going out the door.  That will cut the budget in half.  That will put a kink in the plans.  That will give me an ulcer. That could turn me into a mass murderer.  That could make me say bad things about your momma.  That could upset me greatly.

Holy Timing Belt, Bat Man.  Will there ever be a time when we plan an activity that something that cost even more comes up?  Just to compete a project with no glitches and on time…is that too much to ask?

Give me a break!!!!


Maxwell said...

I hate shit like this. You should punch someone or something.

Mike Golch said...

I see you got that same damn cloud over your head as well.

LOLA said...

Oh, I wish we lived there or you lived here. Favorite Young Man is an auto mechanic and he'd help you out on the labor. He quite often works on the side. But, also, I think maybe you mean poll worker because pole worker sounds like you're gonna work the pole at a strip club. But maybe you are. Do they having voting in strip clubs? I wouldn't know.


Suz said...

Yeah, you could be a pole worker to make some extra cash - I'd slip a few bills in your g-string!

Yes, car shit SUCKS!!!!!

Rita said...

Dang it. Suz beat me to it. I actually re-read the first part of the sentence, "I had gone to a pole workers training class in anticipation " THREE TIMES before I read the remaining part.

Sorry for your bad luck Coffeypot, but when I realized what you were talking about I had tears from laughing so hard.

I'll bet you might be able to pay for the repairs if you continue that pole worker training.

The Reckmonster said...

That sucks hairy donkey balls! I always fear crazy car shit coming up! But, I also think you could shake your money maker around a pole and get some extra fundage for the remodeling project...LMAO!

Beau's Mom said...

Ahhhhh, come on my lil' hero. We were planning on going home to visit: 800 miles with me complaining every turn of the wheel. Then Joe needed his teeth pulled and falsies: $3,000. I needed new tires: $750, then the alternator went out: $400.

Buck up Bronco Bill. Shit happens ALL the time.

j-tony said...

Sorry to hear about your car. Nothing worse than car trouble..I feel for ya. This too shall pass though. Hang in there.

Coffeypot said...

I got a kick out of y'all turning my choice of words around and making me a pole dancer. That is something would do. You are learning, my little peeps. Thanks for the laugh. It made the ulcer even a little easier to stomach (repetitive?).

Marni said...

AND you don't get to see the grandkids! That is the WORST. :)

Hang in there, dad. It'll work itself out.

Ed said...

Everybody beat me to the pole worker comment.

You people suck.

Good luck with the budget stuff, John.

blueeyedtawni said...

bless your heart john.... sends good mojo thoughts to you!!!!many hugs!

Marnie said...

Now that just sucks! Sorry to hear. That seems to happen to us too.

Sojack said...

Man, do I feel your pain. That's the story of my life. Get a little ahead and then "wham-o", something dies, blows up, falls apart, starts leaking, etc.

Citizen Soldier said...

Just when you think you can get ahead there is always something that knocks you down. Just don't stay down keep pressing forward.