Tuesday, September 13, 2011

On My Way To Iowa

This will be my home for the next 5 days, the Ramada Hotel in Waterloo, IA.

This year my ship’s reunion will be held here.  For you history types, Waterloo was the home of the five Sullivan brothers who were killed when the USS Juneau was sunk during WWII.  Attached to the center is the Five Sullivan Brothers Civic Center and Museum where we will be holding our meetings, dinners and entertainment.

On Tuesday evening I will get to meet NO BODY, himself, Bob Mooney and his wife, the awesome Fantastagirl IRL, for dinner and a beer or fifteen.  I am really looking forward to that.  And if he can break away from an assignment, I will also get to shake hands with Charlie Sherpa, retired Iowa National Guard non-com and present day media correspondent.  I hope my luck holds out and he can make it.

Another first for me will be…Mile High Blogging.  I don’t think you get a pin for that like joining the Mile High Club, but as part of the airline package.  I was given the opportunity to use my laptop with the airline WIFI.  I know it want be as exciting as my Nude Blogging when I’m on the animal transports, but it will be fun for me.

But most of all, I’ll get to tell more lies with the guys.  It’s funny how each retelling of the stories gets more exciting each year.  But at our ages, we are lucky to remember what we had for breakfast.  So any story told will be received as the gospel truth…because we can’t remember the real event as it really happened.

Not really!  These guys remember June 3rd, 1969, like it was yesterday.  Especially the survivors.  They are great guys, everyone.  I do Facebook with a few, but none of them blog.  I’ll work on that.

Anyreunion, I’ll check in as often as I can and might even download a few pictures. 

If not, y’all have a great week and I’ll check back in with ya next Sunday night.

Anchors Aweigh!


The Writer Currently Known as Rory said...

For you history types, Waterloo was the home of the five Sullivan brothers who were killed when the USS Juneau was sunk during WWII.

This history type thanks you.

Have a great time!

WV: maked - It's "naked" spelled wrong.

Paxford said...

Have a brilliant reunion and may the tall tales grow ever higher


Momma Fargo said...

Have a great time! I know you have been looking forward to it!

Marni said...

Have a great time, dad. Love you.

Beau's Mom said...

Take a can of Lysol. The rooms are never as nice as the photos, and you have no idea if there was a sailor in that room the night before...doing what sailors do.

You might want to sleep in a plastic garbage bag....just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Check under the mattress for bed bugs, porn and discarded sex toys!!

LOLA said...

I did not know whence the Sullivans came. Because of their deaths, they gave birth to Saving Private Ryan. As much as I don't want to be in Iowa, I wish I could be there now to listen to you all tell your tales. It would be fun and I know I'd learn a thing or three.


Fresh Garden said...

Wonderful! ;D
Have a great time!

Pat Hatt said...

Sure fun will be had by all, have a great reunion.

Anonymous said...

Have fun CDOG. :)

AirmanMom said...

Looking forward to photos and tales!