Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Nut Hugger Suit

On Oct.23rd I posted about the old Navy Sea Bag.   One of the comments in the post said something about a ‘nut huger’ swimsuit.  This elicited a comment from a lady (Lola) who said she would like to see one.  Well, below is the stud muffin, himself, in Hawaii on Waikiki Beach way back in 1963.  Notice, if you will, I had hair, no glasses and no belly.  All 6’4”, 170lbs. of hickey bate in Paradise with nothing but my right hand to keep me company.  


The bathing suit is made of some kind of wool-like stuff and is so tight that you have to pull it down to fart.

However you cannot really see the nuts in this picture, so, for Lola, I am posting a picture of me showing my nuts. 

Steady, girl.    


Rita said...

If the eye offend thee, pluck it out.

So, I can no longer see the keyboard, forgive the tpos.

Damn, now I have to type the Word Verification thingy, which interestingly enough is currently labeled "abled".

Pamela said...

hubba hubba on that sailor!!!
(closing my eyes on the kiddie porn ... eewwww)

my WV shnesco

Suz said...

Now THAT could get your blog suspended! (the porn, not the eye candy. Btw: Niiiiiiice!)

AirmanMom said...

welcome back!
It's sooooooo good to see you ;)

Anonymous said...

Now THAT was worth waking up for.

Be still, my heart.

LOLA said...

Can't comment - laughing too hard.


LOLA said...

I'm a little calmer now and on my way to Georgia. Thank God for navigator. I'll just enter Coffey's nuts.


dc said...

Awe, you have such a way with words! Weren't we all cuties back then?