Monday, June 11, 2012

Gotta Love Country People

(Not our car - Phone wouldn't send pics to the puter)

Wanna know why I like living up here in the country. The difference in people! Let me explain…

It has been raining for the past two days and Judy was driving home tonight when a guy changed lanes on her. Luckily she was in the left hand lane but was running 75 mph. The guy saw her and swerved back into his lane but Judy was already off the road into the grassy median doing a 360 in the wet, muddy, grass. She ended up facing the opposite way after bouncing around a bit.

She did everything right, took her foot off the breaks and turned with the skid until it stopped. It did teeter on its side for a fraction of a second, but didn’t flip over. The only damage was a small dent in the fender in front of the tire and a small piece of the plastic wheel lining needed to be cut off.

The thing that impressed me is, the guy who started this stopped and came to check her out, as did several drivers who saw this. But the guy, who Judy wouldn’t have recognized if he was the only one standing in a lineup, told the police that he did it. He apologized, and he and the cop helped push her out of the mud so she could face the right way and drive off.

The police tried to get Judy to go to the hospital to be checked out, but she refused. Other than having to pry the seat out of her ass, she was unhurt…just shaken. The cop told her to leave and he was taking to the man when she left. I hope he didn’t get a citation because he was so forthcoming and honest.

Judy then drove to a QT to check to see what the noise was, and saw the plastic on the tire. Nothing that a knife wouldn’t cure! But a couple of men at the QT offered to look over the car (it was covered in mud) and see if it was safe to drive. They must have passed her when she was on the side of the road and offered to help her when she got to the QT. One even followed her up the road to make sure the car was safe to drive and that she was okay.

She was surrounded with so much attention that she didn’t call me to let me know until she was on the road heading home.

If this had happened down in Woodstock or on the expressway in that area, I don’t believe anyone would have stopped or showed any concern. Just rubber-neck on by!

Country people are the best…


Suz said...

Sheesh! I'm glad she's OK! And yeah, I like country people just fine.

Anonymous said...

real Americans


(at my daughters using her lap top and don't want to log her off of her name.)

Coffeypot said...

Yes, Suz. The scary part is, if it had happen a couple of miles back, there would have been a concrete retaining wall there. No telling what would have happen to her. We are blessed on this one.

Pam, thanks and I understand about the pc.

Paxford said...

So glad Judy is okay.

And now I have a hankering to move to the Country :)


Marni said...

SO glad she is OK! Country folk are good folk.

Anonymous said...

Very glad Judy is OK. Give that lady an extra hug.

Some of us country bred folk would have stopped no matter where we were, even your old haunts - you can't take out the ethics you grow up with.

lotta joy said...

Joe stops for everyone and every incident. Yesterday at the grocery, a woman yelled that someone had just fallen outside. Joe took off running. When I fall, he casually walks up while asking "you okay?" even if I'm screaming in pain. Firemen aren't used to saving their own.


But it's odd that it wouldn't have happened in Woodstock, but it does happen up the road where you moved.

Barb said...

So glad she's ok! And I also hope the man didn't get ticketed since he was so forthcoming.

Jim Latchford said...

Judy couldn't been that far up in the country, otherwise some dude in bib overalls would have showed up to yank the car out of the mud with his tractor. When you REALLY get up in God's backwoods country the dude showing up would have arrived with his mule and a logging chain.

Janie Junebug said...

I'm so glad Judy is o.k. and that the guy 'fessed up and so many people offered to help. God bless.


Momma Fargo said...

Yikes. Very glad Judy is OK. Country folk are awesome and so are Judy's driving skills!

myevil3yearold said...

I have missed you while I was MIA. Thank you for still being here and for making me laugh