Friday, December 28, 2012

Obama Kerry the Fiscal Cliff

(American Traitor and Liar)

With the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ looming with no compromise evident, and the Speaker of the House, RINO John Boehner, having no support by the GOP and unable to reach a compromise with Heir Obama, we are doomed to higher taxes, more entitlement spending for the support of the useless, lazy, illegal aliens and American trash.  But the gubment will save some money by cutting 140,000 of our military and putting them in the unemployment line and adding to the increasing food stamp dependent category.   An addition not of their making, by the way.  

Their service in appreciated, though.  Our soon to be Secretary of State, Senator John Kerry (D-MA), expressed profound gratitude for the Army's commitment to service. 

“The US Army has tirelessly borne the brunt of war over the past decade,” said Kerry, “so if there’s anyone who has plenty of experience in the whole sacrifice department, it’s definitely them.”  Senator Kerry went on to thank the Army for its selfless service, but added, “It’s just, well, for 140,000 of you, your services are no longer required.”

Kerry was unavailable for further comment, as he was preparing to spend New Year’s Eve at his mansion in the Cayman Islands, on which he pays no taxes.

Not to worry, Troops. Our Socialist President, Heir Obama (speaking on closed circuit television to the soldiers of the 25th Infantry Division who were bussed to the gate of his vacation mansion in Hawaii for the occasion (and whom He wouldn’t face in person for their presence is beneath him) said, “I’m sure that the coming summer of recovery will find you all with better paying civilian jobs than those you had in the US Army.  I expect to see unemployment dip below 6% this summer.  You may be the beneficiaries of 1 million shovel-ready jobs that this third round of trillion dollar stimulus will create.”

So the unemployment will dip below 6% by adding 140,000 more to the millions already out of work?  But the good news is he will add to his increasing food-stamp society that he and the Liberal Socialist are so proud of creating.

I’m sure you are as happy as I am about the failure of the GOP to stand up to Obama thus creating higher taxes, more entitlement spending, increased unemployment by booting more of America’s finest out the door, and also allowing the TRAITOR, John Kerry to tour the world expanding Obama’s agenda of apologizing and building up the Muslim Brotherhood.

We Are Fucked, Peeps!

I have to thank LL over at Virtual Mirage (on my side bar) for his research on most of this post.  Y’all should read his stuff…he has plenty of smarts.


Kristy said...

Interesting. Thanks for the post.

Old NFO said...

Yep, we're hosed when a TRAITOR is given the 'keys to the kingdom' so to speak...