Sunday, March 17, 2013

My Special St. Pat's Day

Yeah, I know.  It’s St. Patrick’s Day! 

No fat leprechaun can down the chimney with a bag of toys… or green beer.

No presents to unwrap.

But wait… there is always a way to celebrate any time any day.

Our Waffle House! 

This is my W.H. on US 441 in Banks Crossing (now known as Commerce.)

The first thing I asked for was did they have green coffee? 
Nope!  As you can see, I stared out with my usual cup of back coffee.

However the WH waitresses were too busy to be messing with me this morning… as you can tell by the plates lined up and the ladies waiting to call out orders.

Anyshamrock, regardless of not having a fat leprechaun breaking and entering my humble abode, nor the lack of any presents to open… Judy and I still got in the spirit of the day.

We both had on our best Irish attire.  Judy's has a bow-tie with a formal white shirt under a green blazer.  I have on my tux with Irish buttons of the lapels... cause I am cool that way.
I wanted to wear a button off my belt buckle that said, “Kiss Me – I’m Irish, too!”

But my long suffering Judy nixed the idea… Oh, I could have worn the button, just not when she is with me.  

She has no since of humor when it comes to me trying to get an extra special Irish Kiss on me own wee leprechaun.  I guess wives are like that.

Then to further celebrate, we went home and worked in the yard, building a couple of sheds to store lawn mowers and tools and free up some garage space.  Now I feel like I have a hangover and didn’t even get my first green beer.

It’s a mortal sin, I tell ya.


Old NFO said...

LOL, looks like a fun day out!

NavyOne said...

I love it! You got all spiffed up for St. Pats. . .

Momma Fargo said...

You two are a cute pair! How did I guess you would go to the Waffle House. LOL

Janie Junebug said...

I love your shirt. Today is (was) my dad's birthday.


Miss Em said...

Today was B-B's DOB (you know him as Jeffrey Church).
No green beer for either of us just good ole sweet tea.
Happy St. Patty's Day!

lotta joy said...

It sounds like Judy might be green with envy if any lady made a move on your little leprechaun OR your charms!

Coffeypot said...

Old NFO, it was fun, even with the work afterward.

N1, I dress for success.

MF, Judy is cute, and you know me too well.

JJ, Bitter sweet day for you I am sure.

Miss Em, I didn't know BB and Jeffery were the same dude.

LJ, it's more like a giant leprechaun and the charms are just for Judy... unless... how much loose cash do ya have?