Saturday, October 12, 2013

Barney Stinson On Similarities Between Girls and Fish

24 Similarities Between Girls and Fish
According To Barney Stinson

1. Both are attracted to shiny objects
2. More fun to catch while drinking
3. Neither travel well
4. There are others in the sea and/or bar
5. Three word: catch and release
6. Both travel in protective groups
7. Small bladders
8. The deeper you go, the scarier they get
9. Their weight largely determines their value
10. EDITED: My lawyer has requested that I remove this one… hint: crabs
11. They get all ornery if you try to grab their tail
12. Bears will eat either of them
13. Sometimes I likes’em wild, sometimes I likes’em farm-raised
14. You must document great catches or no one will believe you – video preferred
15. Easier to reel in if you let them wear themselves out first
16. Seen the movie Splash?  Case closed
17. Cold blooded.
18. Neither can operate a vehicle
19. They both eat things
20. The harder they shake their tail, the farther they’ll go in life
21. Scales are important to each of them
22. They never have to buy drinks
23. Umm… Eggs? Duh
24. Can hook either with a great line

And like Sushi, they are good to eat raw... Coffeyism!


Momma Fargo said...

uM...nO WORDS at the end comment. LOL

Rita said...

But you include this with a pic of a gay guy.

Coffeypot said...

MF, one word. Depends!

Rita, he is gay IRL, but he plays the part of Barney, and notorious womanizer and user of the fairer sex.

lotta joy said...

Thank gawd you didn't say they smell the same. Are you slipping?

Coffeypot said...

LJ, maybe some, but I'm not worried. I know you have my six.