Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Here's To Blowing Smoke

This is another installment in my attempt to educate you in the things less important for survival. It might help you out in a Trivial Pursuit game, or win you some money in a bar contest. But that's about it.

You can click on it to bigger size it. I wish men could do that, too.

You'r welcome!
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Mike Golch said...

so that is where that term came from,thanks.

Unknown said...

ummm, errrr, ahem...thanks

I guess!) :)

Coffeypot said...

AM, well, um, you know, ah, your welcome, I think??? ;-}

Kanani said...

I think they used to do coffee enemas too.

But I don't recall anyone saying "blowing coffee out of yer ass."

Coffeypot said...

Kanani, mind your own business...I like it.:-)

Coffeypot said...

Kanani, no, I think coffee blowes it out ya ass.

Coffeypot said...

Kanani, sorry about the mind your own business comment. That was meant for the camel toe entry.

Red said...

wow... where do find this stuff? do you just make all this up?

teri said...

As always, you are a wealth of information.

Just so you know, I come here before hitting wikipedia and all the news sites.

"you heard it hear, first"