Monday, March 15, 2010

Redneck Monday Addendum - Fishing For Catfish

Now, here is a genuine red neck performance.

Don't get much Redneck’er than this.

Now you know why I don't fish anymore. I sobered up!!!

I used to hear that if a snapping turtle bit you he would not let go until it thunders! On of the men I use to work with had a nickname of "Boom Boom" because of that very belief. He got his hand snapped by a snapping turtle and he was trying to shake it of yelling, "BOOM, BOOM" trying to sound like thunder.

Man it's great being a redneck.


Matty said...

That ain't noodling. That's CRAZY!!

AirmanMom said...

Ditto Matty's comment!

Coffeypot said...

The even have contest to see who can catch the biggest fish. I don't know what they win...maybe 200 lbs of tarter sauce.