Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Someone ask me yesterday if I had any strong fears (other than jealous husbands and Judy) and I have to say I don’t think I do.  So I looked up phobias in the ever-present and often used Google and came away with this list… and I don’t have a fear of any of these.  I also know there are many more, but these are enough.

A is for Acrophobia, which means is a fear of Heights.
B is for Brontophobia, a fear of Thunder and Lightning.

C is for Coprastasopnobia, a fear of Constipation.
D is for Deipnophobia, a fear of Dinner Conversation.

E is for Erythrophobia, fear of the Color Red,
F is for Febriphobia, fear of Fever, which can send straight you to bed.

G is for Gerascophobia, the Fear of Growing Old.
H is for Heliophobia, fear of the sun, which leaves me in the cold.

 I is for Ithyphallophobia, a fear of Erect Penis (especially if you are in prison.)
J is for Judeophobia, a fear of Jews; for Arabs, customarily.

K is for Katagelophobia, fearing Ridicule can make you sad.
L is for Lyssophobia, the fear of Going Mad.

M is for Mageirocophobia, which is the fear of Cooking.
N is for Nuduphobia, fear of Nudity.

O is for Oenophobia, fear of Wines.
P is for Paralipophobia, fear of Responsibility.

Q had no fear to be found. (Unless it is fear of Queers.)
R is for Rhypophobia, the fear of Defecation.

S is for Stasiphobia, which is the fear of Walking.
T is for Telephonophobia, which would severely limit Talking On the Phone.

U is for Urophobia, the fear of Urinating.
V is for Verbophobia, a fear of Words.

W is for Wiccaphobia, the fear of any Witch.
X is for Xerophobia, fear of Dryness.

Y was not available. (Unless you are from the old South and fear Yankees.)
Z is for Zeusophobia, a fear of Gods.

Yes, Peeps.  These are all fears and many can be very debilitating or even dangerous to some.  If any of these are you, I urgently plead with you to stop what you are doing and call your shrink RIGHT NOW.  Got on some pills, or on a couch.  Life is to short and beautiful to be afraid of stuff.


Old NFO said...

LOL, good one...(S)

lotta joy said...

Urophobia...how long can that one last.

I have a fear of not being ABLE to pee. Got any name for that one?

Coffeypot said...

LJ... I guess until the person goes screaming to the toilet to relieve the pressure. Then a few drinks to calm his nerves... until... OMB, NOT AGAIN!!!! AAAHHHHHH HELP ME!!!!