Thursday, November 20, 2014


I hope these give a laugh or two…

Jokes about German sausage are the wurst.

A soldier who survived mustard gas and pepper spray is now a seasoned veteran.

I know a guy who’s addicted to brake fluid.  He says he can stop anytime.

How does Moses make his tea?  Hebrews it!

I stayed up all night to see where the sun went.  Then it dawned on me.

This girl said she recognized me from the vegetarian club, but I’d never met herbivore.

I’m reading a book about anti-gravity.  I can’t put it down.

I did a theatrical performance about puns. It was a play on words.

They told me I had type A blood, but it was a Type O.

A dyslexic man walks into a bra.

PMS jokes aren’t funny.  Period!

Why were the Indians here first?  They had reservations.

Went on class trip to the Coca-Cola factory.  I hope there’s no pop quiz.

Energizer Bunny arrested.  Charged with a battery.

I didn’t like my beard at first.  Then it grew on me.

How do you make holy water?  Boil the hell out of it.

What do you call a dinosaur with an extensive vocabulary?  A Thesaurus!

When you get a bladder infection, you’re in touble.

What does a clock do when it’s hungry?  It goes back four seconds.

I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger… then it hit me.

Broken pencils are pointless.

Well??? Did you at least smile???


Irish said...

Good ones!

Ed Bonderenka said...

I smiled.

Momma Fargo said...

I had to read your dang title twice. Great jokes!

J-Tony said...

Yes, those are pretty good.

Old NFO said...

Boo, Hiss.... :-)

Coffeypot said...

Irish - Thanks.
Ed - I succeeded then.
MF - I know you got out all your toys and lubs and was read for some good porn... sorry to disappoint.
J-T - Glad you like them.
O NFO - No since of humor, huh? Evidently me either.