Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I've Been Changed

I like the theatre. Haven’t been in over twenty years; but I liked it when I did go. I’ve seen Cats four times, Pump Boys and Dinette twice and several others. I have the CD to Cats. I play it sometimes when I am on a long drive. But I did something this weekend that has changed life as I have known it.

Back in the late sixties I saw this play and I really liked the music. I didn’t quiet understand the play, but I was knocked out by what I was hearing. Then in the late eighties the movie version came out and I finally understood the whole anti war thing.

So while I was shopping for Marni’s Michael Jackson DVD I saw this CD. HAIR! OMG. I bought it and have been playing it ever since. As I have stated before, I don’t listen to music radio much, preferring to listen to talk radio. And when I do listen to music, I prefer country or blue grass. But these last few days I have been riding around singing at the top of my voice, head bobbing and body gyrating like a teenage boy listening to new wave pop music, or what ever you call this shit being played on the radio these days. People are looking at me.

But that’s not the worst part. My voice will scare the crows out of the corn field. I will make a deaf man cover his ears. It’s bad. It used to be good. In high school I went to All State Chorus at the University of Georgia. I almost got expelled because I missed the concert because Leon W. and I got drunk with some of the football players for the Dawgs. I was 17 at the time. A couple of the players went to my school a year or two before and wanted to show us around Athens. Before you know it, it was after midnight and the bus was waiting on us and the teacher was not pleased. That is for another post.

Hair, Manchester England, L.B.J., Black Boys, White Boys, Let The Sunshine In. If you like to listen to BASS guitars, listen to Hair and Let The Sunshine In (Aquarius). That boy’s fingers are walking up and down that neck like the fingers where on a cross-county marathon. The music is so energizing, a cripple will stand up form his wheel chair and clap and wave the arms. It is just a fun CD.

The best first three or four minuets of any movie I have ever seen belong’s to Top Gun. The last four or five minuets of any movie I have ever seen is Hair. I am stoked.



Pamela said...

hear hair

Emma said...

I say be proud and sing at the top of your lungs! Hair is definitely worthy of some gut-wrenching screaming :)

The Boob Lady said...

Sing Loud and Sing Proud!!

GrizzBabe said...

I've never seen the movie Hair but Let The Sunshine In is definitely a cool song.

barista brat said...

my high school did a production of hair and i LOVED it.

in fact, i loved our version so much i was disappointed by the film!

coffeypot said...

Yeah, Brat! There was a huge difference in the play and the movie. Now that I understand the play, thanks to the movie, I would love to see it again. Did y'all do the nude seen at the end, too? Didn't think so.

BL and emma, I am singing as loud as I can. I just hope I don't get ticketed for noise polution.

DJ Andi said...

I love musicals and do the same - belt it out while I'm in my car - especially when I hear "The Body Electric" from Fame (Love it!).

I have not seen the movie, but love "Let The Sunshine In". It's one of mine and my sister's favorite. We sing it with big nostrals (has to be shown but sometimes you'll understand without it).

Maybe I'll give it a try. I just remember my Mom saying they went to see the play when we lived in California (70's) and they left the theatre when the cast went naked. You'd have to know my Mom to appreciate it. She grew up Baptist - she can't help it.

Definitely - sing LOUD and be PROUD. There's nothing like having a personal experience in your car.

CindyDianne said...

Which 3 or 4 minutes in Top Gun are you referring to?

I haven't seen Hair or heard Hair or done anything but wash and brush hair...

coffeypot said...

cindydiane - The first three or four minuets when the sun is coming up and the activity on the carrier getting ready for launch and then, boom, Flying Into The Danger Zone - or what ever the name of the song is- when the Tomcat in launched. Awsom. Rent Hair, if it is available. It's fun for us old guys.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I LOVE THAT MUSIC, now yr making me think I should go buy it. ON DVD and watch it on my computer, because out TV is out in the garage and not plugged in or anything.

Yr funny. I love funny. Wish I were funny.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I LOVE THAT MUSIC, now yr making me think I should go buy it. ON DVD and watch it on my computer, because out TV is out in the garage and not plugged in or anything.

Yr funny. I love funny. Wish I were funny.