Sunday, August 30, 2015

Give Up or Quit - That Is The Question

Hey, Peeps.  You may have noticed, if you have even stopped by here in a while, that I haven’t posted anything since June.  I have no excuse for this laps.  Just facts.

Fact:  I haven’t had much to say without some kind of visual support, and I am not a wordsmith (as you can also tell) like many of my blogger pals on the side bar.  And I freely admit I am computer illiterate.

I have no one who can come over and give a tutorial on how to update or fix blogger.  I also suffer from ADHD, or some other kind of acronym, and dearly hate to do in-depth research unless it actually interest me.  So I do not try to learn stuff like whatever it is called that adds to the blog.  I had a good friend build my blog page with all the pictures and colors and stuff because she is a whiz at doing stuff like that.  But I am not one of her dependents on her tax forms, so she needs to devote her time to her family, not babysitting me.

I did try to use Chrome, but I seem to have lost stuff, or didn’t know how to get it back.  I couldn’t see my blog or anything.  So I went back to the old Google setup.  Again, I am computer illiterate. 
Recon age has something to do with it?  I was in the dentist office getting my toffies polished, and mentioned something I saw of Facebook, and the hygienist said it was so cool that I was on Facebook.  That not many people in my age group take the time to learn new stuff.  The sooty little bitch.  If she wasn’t so pretty with great eyes, I would have walked (or shuffled my old ass) out of there.  But, then again, she may be right.

I guess, because of using the old shit, I cannot post videos from YouTube or news sources, etc.  Also, I do not have photo shop or any of those cool sites that will let me build my own posters, comment on pictures, and other neat things that makes a blog interesting. 

So I thought about just taking the down… but I can’t.  I come here every day just to read the awesome peeps on the side bar.  I cannot give them up.  So this place will be like a ghost town.  Old stuff still around, but not much activity.  I still retain the right to post something if I think you would enjoy it – if you still have me on your list of blogger pals.  But if you choose to add more space by deleting my blog, I truly understand and thank you for hanging in so long. 

I really enjoyed doing this for several years.  I made a few friends from meeting you on this blog and still have contact with some of you over on Facebook, which is where I am spending most of my time and energy.  It is a little difficult for me to learn stuff there, too, but they have not intimidated and irritated me as much as blogger has.  So I will be hanging more over there.

I may come back here and repost some of my stuff from over the years… maybe update them a little.  We shall see.

In the meantime, if you do drop by here, I strongly advise you check out he peeps on the side bar.  They are awesome.

Later… maybe.