Friday, September 05, 2008

It Wasn't Me

I often send out emails with the stuff I post so that my non-blogging friends can get a glimpse into my life and all the weird things that I come across. After sending out a copy of my last post I received an email back from one of my lady friends. She described an incident she had at the post office. But before you read it, I have to tell you, IT WASN’T ME standing behind her. I never go to the post office.

I was in a horribly long line at the post office and a man walked in behind me.

I heard him making weird noises.

At first I thought he was huffing and puffing because he was impatient. I turned slightly and saw him reach down grab the front of his shorts -- and I realized that he had two big wet spots in the crotch area.

Now I just turned away - but he kept making noises and I was very uncomfortable and wondered if anyone else noticed him.

There was a very pretty girl about two people ahead of me - and I was suspicious that she was the object of his ...uh... whatever.

Or else, he had to go potty really really badly and didn't have the common sense to get out of line and go find a public toilet.

I'm sorry that I have no more to tell you -- because I refused to turn around again.

What’s really sick about this story is that he didn’t wash his hands before he went to lunch.


ccw said...


coffeypot said...

ccw, I know. He could have at least washed his hands.

e.Craig Crawford said...

File this one under "Post Office Adventures."

Pamela said...

the things that happen at the post office.

I know I told you about the young woman who bent over and mooned an old fellow - who promptly rear ended the car in front of him??

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

LOL! Y'all are a riot.

Glad that guy wasn't standing behind me.

Who cares if he washed his hands--I'm not licking his fingers. BARF! GAG!