Wednesday, November 05, 2008

In Distress


Flying a country’s flag upside down is the international sign for the country being in distress. No! I don’t know how Morocco, Switzerland, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Japan or Libya show that their country is in distress - other than going to NATO and demanding money from the U.S. But as of November 4, 2008, my country has begun it’s decline.

I feel sure there are some people out there who think they did the right thing in voting for this guy, and that they truly love this country. But I also believe that most voted for him because they blindly believed all his carefully chosen button pushing words. That, and that he is half black. Now don’t start on me being a raciest. I guess I am to some degree, just like you are, but that is not why I dislike him. If he was conservative Republican, I would be backing him to the hilt, but he isn’t.

I dislike him because he is a Marxist Socialist and wants the government to take over all aspects of our life. And he has no leadership experience, and he has some very questionable radical friends and backers going back to the start of his career. And when confronted with these associations, he LIED, and then a different lie and then lied again, and is still lying.

Believe me, I surely hope and pray that I am wrong. If he proves me wrong I will be the first to apologize. Hang around for a few years and we will see. But until then, I will be weeping as my money goes to higher taxes and to fund social plans that help the unemployed, illegal aliens, and those who are to god dam lazy to work. I love my country and I fear She is on her way down. I miss the days when the world looked upon us as arrogant. When you are the best place on earth you have a right to be. If this country is so bad why are people trying to get here? You don’t see people sneaking across the boarder into Iran, Iraq, India, China or Mexico.

I’m not a McCain supporter, either. I feel he let us down on several occasions, but I have never doubted his commitment to this country. He is not another Bush follower. In fact he fought Bush more than the helped him. I have had enough of the Bush administration, too. But I don’t believe he was the worst President we have ever had since the beginning of the twentieth century - that distinction goes to my native son, Jimmy Carter - the President who never met a tyrannical dictator he didn’t like. But Bush did blunder on many occasions. However, the war was not one of them. Also, the economy started going down hill after the House and Senate turned Democratic. And the financial debacle we have now is a direct result of Bill'The Dick Slinger'Clinton. So we will have to wait and see how this Marxist does.
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Cooper Green said...

I watched the faces of the people who cheered when Obama began his speech in Chicago, after McCain had conceded. Just the pure joy on their faces brought a tear to my eye. They were clearly intelligent, honest people who felt relieved and privileged to be part of history, to be citizens of a country where they could see for themselves that it's possible for hope and compassion to become the most compelling reasons to elect a new leader. It wasn't policy that drove them to Obama's side. It wasn't experience, and it wasn't political acumen that turned the tide in Obama's favour. It was the need of those people to see something very different than what they had been seeing for the past eight years. Bush drove Americans, by the millions, away from the old way of doing things. He made Americans realize that their country had to function very differently if it was to survive.

John McCain was spectacular in defeat. His concession speech was exactly what was needed in a country that is as critically polarized as the U.S is today. Maybe you're too close to it, John, but from just outside your borders, we can see as clear as day that there is a huge rift that separates two vast groups of people in your country. A weak United States is a disaster for the rest of the world. We need you to hear John McCain again, as he did his level best to get you to help him heal an injured country. Read his sopeech here:

This is your blog, John, and I apologize for being very disrespectful now. It is as though I have walked into your home and insulted you, and I have no right to do that. But you need to change your ways. You can continue to contribute to the differences that could ruin your country (not to mention many others, including mine) by being passive in your support of the new administration, or you can do as John McCain suggests and support your new President. It is not enough to stand by and watch, to see if he stumbles. You need to accept the fact that your country has chosen a very new direction, and you need to help it succeed. Turn your flag right side up.

Bless you, and bless the US. You're the best friends that another country can have. We wish you well, and we wish you the vision that it takes to be the best you can be.

Cooper Green said...

Sorry for messing up your comments section, John, I'm vibrating. Here is the McCain speech.

coffeypot said...

Cooper, first of all neither you nor anyone else EVER has to apologize for any comment left on my site. I value your opinion no matter if I agree with it or not.

But I cannot, and will not, just lie down when I believe my country is in jeopardy. I cannot, and will not support the type of man, woman or President who is a Marxist Socialist. He is hell bent on destroying everything that has made this country the place it has been. Granted, Bush, not all by himself by the way, the liberal media attacked and debased him at every turn, went down hill in the past couple of years, but what he did he thought was for the best of the country. He did not bend to poles like Clinton did, and he stayed his course. I would like to kick his ass on many occasions, but I always felt he was doing what he felt was right and best for the country.

Again, you are welcome anytime in my blog home, and if you are ever in the Atlanta area, you will be welcome in my family home. But if you come, bring your humor with you. I need the laughs now more than ever.

ccw said...

I voted for McCain in 2000. When I see clip of him form then and even 2 years ago, it is so easy for me to see why I supported him. Somewhere along the way he seemed to lose that special something that he ahd that made centrists want to lean towards him.

Yes, I campaigned and voted for Obama but it was not a decision I blindly wondered in to. No candidate can do all that say but I went with the one who offers me, what I believe the best, future for my children.

I cried during Obama's acceptance speech and was so proud of McCain's concession speech. They are both good, honorable, USA loving men.

Just to nit pick you could give "him" a name. I know you love your country and I'll bet you were raised better.

chesneygirl said...

I have to make a point about something you said.

Today... a large majority of the people that are on unemployment right now is NOT because they are "too damn lazy" ...especially in my state of Michigan. Michigan's economy is in a world of hurt right now, moreso than in other parts of the country.
Hundreds and hundreds of people are being layed off DAILY here. And there are NO jobs for those people to apply for. Not even the grocery stores and fast food restaurants are hiring up here. When you open the classifieds to the job ads in our local paper there is NOTHING there!
We had to lay off one of our mechanics last month due to lack of work, a hard worker, anything BUT lazy... we just don't have work for him... he has been all over this side of the state looking for a job since and has been completely unsuccessful. Not an ounce of hope.

My brother's wife has a bachelor's degree from a great university, she's an advertising executive for one of the "big three" automakers, making alot of money (more than her husband even)... and last week she was told she will lose her job at the first of the year. The company is making HUGE cuts. She is NOT lazy. My brother and her are terrified because they have no idea what they will do because they will not be able to survive on the little unemployment that she will get and there are NO jobs for her to apply for.
And that's the story you get from everyone you talk to in Michigan.

My husband will be layed off the 1st of December and he's been told they can't promise he'll be called back in the spring like they usually can. It is the scariest shit EVER! And so now we're left to figure out how were going to give our four-year old little boy the Christmas that every 4 yr old deserves. Do you know how that feels?

A very large factory that has supported the small town I live in for 80 years announced last month they will be shutting down production and closing their doors permanently in February. 600 people are going to lose their jobs ...with no jobs for them to apply for. I have quite a few friends that work for that factory and they are all so fearful of their future right now. It is so sad.

I don't know alot about politics and I don't pretend to know. But what I DO know is that life didn't suck this bad when the last Democrat was in office. And it's been nothing but a downward spiral for the last 8 years with a Republican in office.
A Republican got us in this mess, I'll be damned if I'm gonna vote for a Republican right now.

I'm not saying that Obama is gonna (or can) solve every problem for every person in America but I really don't he can make it any worse than the Republican has already done in the last 8 years.

Obama = Hope & Change and that's what I need, that's what my family needs and that is what this country needs.

And just because I voted for Obama doesn't mean I love my country any less than you do, Coffey.

(no hard feelings) :)

RWA said...

You make some very good points, coffeypot. Too many people want to label the McCain supporters and folks who did not vote for Obama as "racist" and other things.

They refuse to accept that people simply may not agree with his proposed policies and platform.

They think that those who didn't vote for Obama are happy with the way things are now, and that couldn't be farther from the truth.

People like "cooper green" want us to join up with Obama, and, yes, McCain did say that. But that is very difficult for me to do when Democrats and others are on TV, on the radio and in newspapers basically calling me and other Republicans/McCain supporters racists, saying we don't want to help the poor and needy, etc., etc.

Then they want to talk about the economy and say it's been horrible the last eight years; the facts say otherwise. From 2001-2006, the economy was strong (let's not forget that this country was in a recession from the Clinton administration when Bush first took office).

It is disappointing the "divide" that this election has seen among the citizens of this country, and there are folks on both sides who are at fault.

It will be interesting to see what Obama and his group can do to try and heal these wounds and unite everyone.

Pamela said...

Some of the problems that will assail the Obama presidency are caused by the press.

They were so biased and adulating - they led people to believe things about this man that were unattainable.

He needs our prayers. He needs good advisors; especially Godly ones.

I am anxious to see the group he surrounds himself ???

coffeypot said...

Miss Crazy Cat, I agree that for the last two years the economy has gone to the dogs and Bush did not address the situation properly - till it was too late. I don’t even think McCain could have made a fast turnaround. But he could have helped more by not raising taxes or even lowering taxes. It has been proven over and over, high taxes equal a bad economy. Companies pass on the tax hikes to the consumer who cannot afford it because they are paying higher taxes. This means a drop in sells, thus layoffs are necessary. Lower taxes stimulate the economy and creates jobs. Obama gave a great speech, but that’s what he does best – read from a prompter. McCain read from one, too, and he does what politicians always do, call for support and unity. I will support Obama because he is my president – right or wrong. But I will also let anyone know if he, or Bush or any other president does something I believe is wrong or not in the best interest of the country. But I do appreciate your feelings and comments. Nothing is banned or overly sacred here. Say what you will, I love other opinions.

Chesneygirl, you are so right and that was in the back of my mind while I was typing. It just got lost between the peanut brain and the sloppy fingers. There are way to many people out of work and their families are suffering. I have been there and know how it feels and how hard it is to climb out of the hole. There are even some homeless people out there simply due to circumstances in their lives. Many of us are only a couple of paychecks away from disaster due to poor planning. They are not who I meant when I say they were lazy not goods. Those are the people who have made a living off the government and are always their with their hand out for free, tax subsidized handouts. I would feel better if everyone on welfare had to turn in all their cell phones, plasma televisions and new cars. Yes, they are out there. I have friends who work for the federal and state governments and they come home with some gruesome tales.

Not to speak down to you, but I will be praying for you and your family to keep on keeping on after the first of the year. I do wonder, is relocation to another place out of the question?

Thank you for your comment and your enthusiasm and your beliefs. All are welcome here. Especially if you agree with me! : )

RWA, that is a frustrating thing to listen too. But most of the racism from the campaigning came from the Democrats. I have not heard any leading Republican say one thing about racism. If fact, it was a Democrat on Hitlery’s staff that started it by saying Obama is in the running simply because he is black. He had no qualifications for office. So stay the high ground, my friend and let the lowlife’s spout off their poison. There are people on both sides of the floor who know the real truth (not the truth that I am always right – that’s a given – but that most people voted their conscientious.)

Jen said...

It's going to be okay.


Cooper Green said...

"I will support Obama because he is my president – right or wrong. But I will also let anyone know if he, or Bush or any other president does something I believe is wrong or not in the best interest of the country."

You're a good man, John, nobody could ask more from anyone than what you just said. So, I accept your offer ... as long as I can stay for dinner. I understand Judy's a pretty good cook. Okay if I bring my pet moose? I'm trying to keep him out of Sarah's sights.

chesneygirl said...

relocation is not out of the question, it's actually been considered.
However, they would have to sell their house first. And there's pretty much no use in putting your house up for sale right now in Michigan because 'For Sale' signs are nothing more than "lawn ornaments" these days.
Most houses on the market have been there for 18 months to 2 years... or more.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, they are appreciated! :)

teri said...

A politician lieing? Unbelievable. I wonder if he was the only one lieing?

KB said...

Well written my friend.

BerryBird said...

I am personally very happy about how this election turned out, and it pleases me to read here in the comments that you will at least to try support President-Elect Obama. I hope other Republicans will also give him a chance.

I just want to say that I found McCain's concession speech to be very moving -- it was a return to the John McCain that so many Americans have admired and respected throughout his many years of honorable service. If we saw that John McCain more often in the last two years, this election might have turned out differently.