Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Motorcycle Accident


From my buddy, Jim!

A gentleman was injured in a motorcycle accident, the results of which were that his "manhood" was severely mangled. After having sufficiently recovered from his other bodily injuries, he was referred to a plastic surgeon to discuss the options available to restore his most prized possession. The surgeon was most encouraging, stating that there were several options from which the man could choose, but that the cost of the surgery would not be covered under his health insurance, as it would be considered as "cosmetic surgery."

The surgeon when on to offer the man three restorative options; the first being that for $8,500 he could receive a "small" replacement appendage, for $10,500 he could move up to a medium, and for $18,500 he could opt for the largest. The man was somewhat taken aback by the surgical cost, but mused that perhaps since he had the opportunity to make the choice he would select the largest.

The surgeon suggested that since this was to be a major outlay of personal cash that he might wish to consult with his wife. The man thought this was a good idea and agreed to place a telephone call to his wife immediately for her opinion and then report back to the doctor within the hour.

Within the hour the man came most dejectedly back into the physician’s office and slumped down in the chair across the desk for the doctor. "Well?" inquired the doctor, "What did she say?"

With tears welling up in his eyes the man said, "I gave her all of the cost options and the anticipated drawbacks and benefits of each choice." - Silence - After a considerable pause, the doctor ventured a hesitant, "And?"

"She said she'd rather remodel the kitchen." can't live with them and you can't kill them...can you?
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ccw said...

Thanks for the laugh!

Christine said...

Pretty much, I agree with his wife. Nookie is one thing but a new ceramic top stove, marble countertops and noiseless dishwasher...that is what really gets me hot.

teri said...

hey, that amount of money could get them a nice looking kitchen.

Brother Dave said...

Re: "She said she'd rather remodel the kitchen."

There are likely more advantages to that remodeled kitchen versus a remodeled husband.

chesneygirl said...

I have to agree with the wife, a kitchen is so much more practical!