Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Afghanistan War, President Obama, McChrystal

Peeps, let me take a break on the humor and idocy here to let you know there is a new blogger among us who is trying to get his feet wet and pass on his thoughts and stories of his service in Iraq and at home. Hope (at Hope Radio on my blog roll) pimped him first and now it’s my turn.

He calls himself Dacker and he is on my blog roll as Some Iraq Veteran (http://www.someiraqveteran.com/). So far he has posted some pretty good stuff, especially about his visits to his local VA Hospital for help with his PTSD. Nothing self-pitting, but about his observations during the visit. He’s a cool dude and you would be remiss if you don’t stop by and give him a boost up the blog ladder. He deserves to be heard.

As an example of his commitment to blogging he posted this YouTube video and gave me permission and encouragement to pass it on. This is very powerful stuff and any of you who wish to plug it into your site or e-mail it to your peeps (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3czbVcwowlQ), please do so.

The bottom line is this is a war in Afghanistan and it is going bad for our guys because of indecision by a very inept leader who has no business being in office. He is more concerned with sending us into bankruptcy and apologizing to the world for the U.S. being the greatest country in history. He was more concerned with getting the Olympics to Chicago than for the men who died while the was making a fool of himself. Chicago came in 4th place in the running.

Watch this and think about what is happening over there. He is no leader and he is responsible for the rising death toll in that shit hole of a place. God bless our troops and the USA.


Ed said...

Amen brother. As a former Navy Corpsmen (1st Gulf War) and current VA employee, I will definitely check out your boys blog.

Coffeypot said...

Ed, Props and respect for all you pecker checkers. Your service, to me, always went above and beyond. I was a Tin Can sailor and radarman (RD then, OS now.)

Check out Heather Lee at http://thecrazysinglelife.blogspot.com/ on my blog roll. She to works for the VA in Denver, I think. Maybe Kansas.

Ducky said...

I'll be checking it out too. Thanks for the tip off. My cousin's husband will be deploying for Afg. again in April. It's wreaked a whole helluva lota havoc on their family.

Stupid president...

Coffeypot said...

Daffy, he is that and more - or less.

Anonymous said...

Heart you for pimping Dack. You rock, John.

Anonymous said...

and Ed...thank you for your service. I know you sacrificed much.

Coffeypot said...

Hope, you commented - twice. Call 911, I'm haveing a heart attack.

Dack is worth it and Ed gave a lot.

Rational Nation USA said...

The President is, for the lack of a better word, unbelievable.

My hat is off to all the brave men and women who serve our Great Nation. Who preserve and protect our liberties and rights as individuals against the forces of tyranny.

They deserve better than a straw man Commander In Chief.

clew said...

I wish blogger had a like button, like Facebook does.


June said...

My son just lost a friend over there on Monday in one of the helicopters.
I will visit Dacker's blog.

Thanks for sharing.

Obama - doesn't deserve the title

Coffeypot said...

Carol, Thank you for the comment and for going over to Dack's site.

I know your son has seen much. Just tell him an old Tin Can Sailor says the he is in my pryers and for him to keep the faith.

Some Iraq Veteran said...

Thanks so much for showcasing my blog – I’m embarrassed!

Oh, and I will make it my mission to use your term “pecker checker” at least once while I’m at the doc’s office tomorrow morning for my annual physical.


Matty said...

Don't even get me going about Barry. Or I won't be able to stop.