Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rope Mill Under Water

Most of you know about the rains and the flooding we had here in Georgia. Places were flooded that have been flood free longer than most around here can remember. That was a couple of weeks ago, but we have had heavy rains since then.

The ground is saturated and the creeks and rivers are at flood stage and in some cases out of the banks. This is the case at a small park down in the valley of my town of Woodstock. The Little River runs through an old pre-Civil War area where a hemp rope factory was located. There is nothing on record indicating that any of the employees or the owners ever smoked any of the products, but it did put out tons of ropes for the South.

There is an old rock dam partially torn down and a slue where the river water was diverted to the rope mill to turn the water-wheel. The mill is gone now with only parts of the foundation intact. Across the rive from the mill the city of Woodstock built a park.

All the places you see are usually green with grass. There are areas where people walk the trails beside the river, or picnic on the ground or benches and it is a quiet and peaceful place.

These pictures were made two days after the rains, so the water is down some. The water was over the picnic tables yesterday, and it will back in the river banks in a few days, but it will take awhile to restore the park back to it’s original beauty.


Kanani said...

Oh, how sad. I heard you guys got dumped on and was wondering how you faired. Hope the house is dry and that everyone has stayed safe.

Anonymous said...

May take a long time for that water to drain off or evaporate.

Water is a powerful force.

Sarge Charlie said...

one thing for sure, the draught is over

Ducky said...

It always amazes me to see the power of water and how quickly it wipes out everything in its path. It respects no boundaries. We've have many a floods in my corner of blogland.

Thanks for the photos

anon said...

Oy, what a mess!

Mother Nature, thats big power.

Coffeypot said...

All, my house is on top of a hill on top of a small mounting so I was safe and dry. There were other areas in my little town that were swamped. Some of the apartments, where people historically carry no insurance, were wiped out. The people on the second floor could only go in long enough to pack up clothes and essentials. They still aren't back in their apartments. Water can do as much damage as fire.

Southern (in)Sanity said...

Wow. It sounds like a beautiful place. I'm sorry to hear that it was flooded so much.

Hopefully the water will recede soon, and they will be able to get it back as nice as it was before.

Coffeypot said...

Mr. R. I just hope the city has the money in the budget to restore it. The grass will grow back and stuff, but the decks and some of the picnic tables are beyond repair and must be replaced. Also, alone the river there were some nice swings for sitting and enjoying the quiet. We'll see!