Thursday, January 14, 2010

TMI Thursday - Mile High Club - Kinda

Today is TMI Thursday and I have been told I have to link to Lilu’s Live It Love It site. I guess this does it. If not, bite me.
TMI Thursday
I told someone, maybe Mala over at Mixed Nutswho suggested I post something on TMI Thursday. I believe she mentioned , or I did, about being in the mile high club. I don’t know if I am or not. I did get a blow job on a flight, but not laid. Does that earn me my wings?

Back in my Navy days I met this very sweet girl at the skating rink and fell deeply in lust with her. But she lived in San Francisco, and I was stationed in Long Beach, 400 miles away. So I saved up a few dollars and flew up to see her. I was 18 and she had just started her senior year in high school at 17. It was a sweet weekend. Momma like a hawk, little dove cooing every chance she got. Innocent, but fun.

On the flight back this older lady (older as in her 30’s or 40’s - which is ancient to an 18 year old hormone) was sitting next to me - isle seat - I was trapped - thank God. Anycum, she started talking to me, telling me how she loved a man (HAHAHAHA) in uniform, and asking did I have a wife or girlfriend. She asked me if I wanted to have a little fun? It was nighttime, the flight was an hour and some change long, but we had time. She got a blanket and covered both of us. Then she started rubbing me. Almost lost it right then. Almost! I didn’t because she stopped rubbing and started unbuttoning the 13 buttons on the flap of my uniform. Navy sure knows how to dress a guy to aid in getting a hand/blow job.

Anybobbing, she went down on me. Holy Hoover, she knew what she was doing. Me, I was scared to death. I couldn’t be cool because my head was swiveling like the girl in the Exorcist looking for anyone who might see us or the stewardess (what they were called back then) walking by . But soon it got to where I didn’t care if I was on a stage in New York. And she set up and actually licked her lips.

About three minutes later we touched down (I had already scored a TD by then) and we rolled to a stop. She said, “Thanks for a great flight and have a good career.” and was gone. GONE! I had to button up my own flap - under the blanket. Bitch!

Anysmile, did I earn my wings? Do I have to put the craft in the hanger before it counts? I have wondered all these years.

I did get laid on a Greyhound bus, but you don’t get a ticket punched for that. Maybe I’ll tell you about that one next week.

Unless you want me to tell you about it today...


Mala said...

That was awesome!!!! Nothing like flying the friendly skies!!!

And yes, I think that makes you deserving of your wings, but maybe the plastic kind that they give to the kids on Southwest. You'll have to look into upgrading to the real, metal kind.
And then of course share that tale with us.

Thanks Coffey!

Ed Adams said...

You lucky SOB!

Anonymous said...

Wow that was a cool story! I can not wait to hear about the greyhound bus!

Christine said...

Yup..I am certain that qualifies you for the MHC. With the size of those bathrooms, I don't know how anyone over a size three could ever qualify for membership!

Coffeypot said...

Mala, I would wear plastic wings. I'm not proud.

Ed, was a long time ago. Not that luck now.

Christiejolu, that was a better story, several guys watching us.

Christine, if you get on the right plane that is not croweded, it can be done in the seats by spooning. I hear.

CI-Roller Dude said...


The Peach Tart said...

You definitely earned your mile high wings.

kys said...

That lady was just serving her country in the manner she was best qualified for.

Coffeypot said...

Dude, I hear it happens all the time, especially on the red-eye flights.

Peach, I might put in for them. There is a club, ya know.

KYS, and I salute her, too.

BlackLOG said...

I think it only counts as a 1/2 mile club as you did not go all the way.....

I'm guessing that you had to do it doggie style on the Greyhound.

Anonymous said...

May I ask... when did you lose your v-card?
Before or after this awesome incident?

CI-Roller Dude said...

CP, Most of my flying was with a million other soldiers, in a Black Hawk or some washing machine the Marines threw up in the air and I was only concerned with getting to where we were going without going down in a a fireball...
And I hate flying regular airlines because they don't like me bring a gun.

Coffeypot said...

BlackLOG, welcome aboard from across the pond. It was a form of doggie style...spooning on our side.

Anon...I lost it in a whorehouse is Yokosuka, Japan a few months earlier. First blow job though.

Dude, I think you can carry a weapon on board but you have to fill out several tons of paperwork and be blessed by the Pope first.

powdergirl said...

I love it when you share your romantic escapades with us. You get the wings.

Mike Golch said...

works for me!

Paxford said...

..... damm my life is boring - how do I get one like yours?


~Kaydee~ said...

Oh Em Gee. I'll give you my set of wings if this doesn't qualify!

You have definitely hit the nail on the head for TMI Thursday! Oh and that woman? I love her and I hope that she kept supporting our troops for many more years!

You are quickly becoming one of my favorite bloggers. Keep the funny coming!

Ace said...

Just when I think you can't surprise me....I'd say that counts for membership.

Anonymous said...

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