Thursday, January 21, 2010

Weather People Are Camera Whores

What is it with the television weathermen/women? I think they are in reality camera whores?

There have been storms crossing the Central and Southern part of the state. High winds. Lots of rain. Some flood warnings. Conditions are right for a possible Tornado. All that can be said in the scrolling thing on the bottom of the screen along with the counties in the path of the storm. Even a little square screen or split screen showing a weather map. But NNOOOO!

The Head Meteorologist has to interrupt a very good TV show and talk for 15 fucking minutes showing green and read colors on a map. Then start talking about hooked something or others that MIGHT have a tornado inside it. The green and yellow thing is 9 miles SW of the small town of Carrolton in Midwestern Georgia. Less than 1% of the State in area. The tornado thingy was over an even smaller town of Roopville, population 250 soles who know more about the weather than any TV weather person. They are farmers. They live by the weather. They know when it’s raining. They look outside. If there is water falling from the sky and puddles on the ground…it’s raining. And they know when it’s raining hard, too. They are farmers.

Do the people in Atlanta, Savannah, Columbus, Athens need to know this? Do they even care? I DON’T! Or could you tell.

Anystorm, with that few soles in the area, the damn station could have call everyone in town and told them to look out the window and see if there is a tornado. If so, run. If not, enjoy your evening. I mean the phone book couldn’t be larger than an O’ Charlie’s menu. But NNOOOOO!

He has to talk and talk and draw circles showing a hook thingy and saying, “If you just joined us, there is a suspected tornado just over Roopville, 9 miles SW of Carrolton in Western Georgia.” - five fucking times.


Fucking TV weather people!!!!


Anonymous said...

They are always extremely well dressed and the staions pick them for their looks, weather reporting ability has nothing to do with it.

anon said...

Thats why I watch the naked news.

Unknown said...

hold up...I have a crush on Jim Cantore the Weather Channel dude ;)
Happy Friday, my friend!