Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Lurker Caught On Camera

Today I tracked down a Lurker at the Waffle House in Powder Springs and got a picture of her before she could get away.

They are out there folks, but this one thought she could get away with it by posting comments on mine, and some of my peeps sites as well as some others that I have yet to identify by showing a picutre and handle without a blog.

She goes by the handle, Miss Em.

Actually she was quiet pleasant and entertaining. She comes from a military family and enjoys reading the milblogs. She has yet to start her on blog, but is thinking about starting one.

I ask, since she likes reading the milblogs, how she found me and she said something, I believe, about Googling for a 6’4”, 230 lbs hunk of hicky bate and my blog popped up. Either that or she found me through a link on someone’s else’s blog. I can’t remember which one she said.

So be on the look out for her when she gets her blog up and running.

This one shows the scraggly beard I am trying to cultivate. Maybe one day, sometime this year, it will grow out to look like something other than a wino's scruff.

(also you can click on the pictures to bigger size them)


Matty said...

I can't say that I've caught any lurkers. What bait did you use?

Mike Golch said...

hey why not grow a beard.I've tried and each time shaved it off it was more grey than my hair is so I guess I'll stich to being clean shaven.

Coffeypot said...

Matty, lure them to the Waffle House. No Lurker can resist the pull of WH Coffee (though she drank hot tea.)

Mikey, I'm gonna give it two or three more years and see if it fills out any.

Pamela said...

that'll teach her!

Miss Em said...

Hello Coffeypot,

Lurker....yep, looked it up in the Webseter Dictionary I dug out of the pile of papers I got sitting next to me. Altho I don't think that my BROAD-backside would allow me to sneakily wait in ambush because then I would need someone to help me up because the knees just don't work that well anymore.

Matty...actually it was an e-mail that had the sound of an intriguing quality of "Please" to it that a female who raised 3 sons just can NOT seem to pass up.

In other words ...

"I was gullible".

Miss Em
Austell, Ga.

Tracie said...

I don't know if I have lurkers or not. How does one diagnose this?

Kanani said...

I think she probably googled the 6'4" stuff! Ha! Good tracking down, glad you caught up with her.