Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Today Is TMI Thursday - And I Have Nothing!

OKAY! OKAY! (arms out front moving up and down palms down)

That's enough folks.




Thank you!

I have spent the last two days running my sister to and from the doctors, running around doing stuff and I just haven't had time to think of anything to tell you. Boring life I tell ya.

Anytrip, today I am on my monthly transport trip to NY through all the rain, ice and snow and stuff.

Again, I am so fucking happy. But I will be back Saturday, though I will check in on y'all Friday night.


Anonymous said...

I was smiling widely and the you shouted at me... I am trying not to feel wounded... ;0)

Coffeypot said...

Not you, darling. All those other people applauding becasue I wasn't posting one of my adventures.

Kanani said...

Be safe!

Miss Em said...

Well, when you decide to finially park the backside in a nice warm motel room, why don't you check out what your latest victim, no.. lurker, ah.. blogger has been scratchin her head about while she has been sayin to the screen "You want what?"

Here's the address:

Remember this is all your fault.

Tweeking with my gray goo-eee matter can get you into all kinds of "CRAP-POL-LA".

Drive carefully and stay as safe as you can and keep the wheels on the dirt-side.

Miss Em
Austell, Ga.

PS How the hell do you put smilely faces on the writing section of the blog? I LIKE smilely faces.

Paxford said...

Safe travels :)


Ed Adams said...

Have a safe one Gramps!

Ace said...

Safe travels...sounds like you will be in the thick of things coming and going. Not fun.

Matty said...

Safe travels. Be careful out there.

blueviolet said...

Have a safe trip!!!!

Tracie said...

Have a safe trip. It's supposed to get nasty out there.