Tuesday, June 01, 2010

MeMe for YouYou

I stole this meme from my blogging buddy and cool Alabama teacher and college aluminums of the same name, Trina. Check her out! She has a couple of cool blogs.

My MeMe:

1. What are you most grateful for when you first wake up in the morning? That no one is in the bathroom.

2. What are you most grateful for when you go to bed at night? That all is well with the family.

3. Who is the person who has had the most influence on your life? John ‘The Wad’ Holms! Actually there are many. No one person caused me. It’s their fault.

4. Is there someone you'd like to thank for something special they did for you but haven't yet? No! I thanks’um when they do’s’um.

5. Who was your favorite or least favorite teacher? If you could talk to them now, what would you say? Mr.Clower! The ONLY teacher who saw something in me and talked me out of quitting school. He died before I could let him know I graduated from college and got my masters. I regret that. All the rest were my least favorite. I would like to tell him thank you for believing in me (he did when my family didn‘t.)

6. Do you say grace at mealtime? Hell no! My wife’s name is Judy and if I say any other woman’s name she will take my head off.

7. Name one thing you take for granted everyday. The Waffle House is open.

8. Have you ever looked back at your life and realized that something you thought was a bad thing was actually a blessing in disguise? Yes! My whole life.

9. What are the top five things you are most grateful for in your life?
1. My family down to the grandkids.
2. Spell check, though I don’t always use it.
3. MS Word so I don’t have to write anything by hand ever.
4. Those serving on my behalf.
5. Free porn!


clew said...

Gotta agree with #8 for me too. :)

Glad to see your #4 is ranked above your #5. LOL

Momma Fargo said...

very funny. love the bathroom being open myself. lol

Lickety Splitter said...

MeMe enjoys YouYou. The title alone made me smile.

I love #5 -- GO YOU and yeah for Mr. Clower!

Free porn, what's this world coming to?

Ed said...

I practically could have answered these for you.

Especially the Waffle House one.

And YES, I did read this meme. Probably the first won I ever bothered to read. And only because it was yours.

Now I am off to shove forks in my eyes.

Miss Em said...

The only 2 that I could agree with was ...
#1 no one in the bathroom...easy when you live alone

#7 Waffle House...yea-yuh I can get my hot tea away from the house anytime of the day.

Welp, that is about all that I can agree with in your meme's.
Thanks for the oh my's and a few smiles.

Miss Em

rxBambi said...

sometimes I race mr bambi to the bathroom when we wake up. It pisses him off.... but better than being pissed on :)

Ace said...

Thank goodness for Mr. Clower! I like to think you'll have the chance to thank him one day. :)

Mrsblogalot said...

I really miss The Waffle House.

And why have I been paying for porn all these years?

Barb said...

Nice to learn more about YouYou. I could've guessed the porn one. Happy Tuesday!

Miss Em said...


How could I have missed the last one on your list ... your favorite right after the "Waffle House".

"Free Porn"

Damn, I need to clean my glasses.

Miss Em

Tracie said...

I think #5 could be a blog post. Just sayin'.

The Empress said...

LOVE #6 and #8!

That was one meme that was interesting...they're usually SO boring and go on and on.

Truly funny stuff.

Trina said...

I just got back to read this. Funny! Especially about not saying grace. LOL