Thursday, July 01, 2010

Salute To A Live Recipient of the MOH

The US Army and Congress has finally awarded the Medal of Honor to a LIVE recipient, the first since Vietnam. SSGT Giunta is a true hero and as brave as the come. Read his story here, and pass it along to your peeps.

Also note that the Army pull him offline and stuck him in a safe job away from danger until all is said and done. As you would expect he is fit to be tied. He wants to get back to his men. Like any true warrior leader.


tankerbabelc said...

Well it hasn't actually been awarded yet but seems everything is on track for that to happen very soon.

Thank you for telling everyone about Sal. We've waited a long time for this to come. I'm very close to Josh Brennan's family. If not for Sal they may never have had Josh back so they could say goodbye. There is much to this story. Much honor, love and selflessness for sure.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. What an honor.

Miss Em said...

The first in a ... v e r y ... long time.

There are many more warriors that have done the impossible and lived but for so long many civilians have thought you had to die in the process to get the 'MOH'.

Not true. Look at history.

"The Army pull him offline and stuck him in a safe job away from danger"...damn right to many 'MOH' carriers have died in combat after they received the 'Medal'. A loss of being able to speak and learn humility for All Military Personel.

Wonder who is going to give the lesson on proper protocol to the "Community Organizer" when it comes time to greet ANY 'MOH' at any time.
I got a feeling that the Army will make certain that SSgt Giunta will not be the only one there.

AirmanMom said...

YAY! just YAY!