Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Another Award I Won't Forward - Kinda


See the award up there…yep, that one.  I got it today from my hot and sexy longtime close and personal friend (of a few months) and blogger buddy, <a href="http://minutemanswife.blogspot.com">The Minute Man’s Wife (I don’t know what her real name is, yo) and I have to pass it forward to five of you peeps.  She will also interpret your dreams and give out sage advice on things that trouble you, too.  Check her out…I’ve been wanting to for years but her restraining order makes it kinda difficult.  However I believe you will be welcome at her site.

The rules for this particular award are pretty easy. 

1) Tell you who gave it to me. 
2) Put up a link to their blog. 
3) Pay it Forward to five more bloggers.

Now that’s the problem.  Y’all know I don’t forward awards ‘cause I loves ya all the same (some more than others type ‘same’ but the same anyways). 

I mean, there is the hot and sexy <a href="absolutelynarcissism.com">Sandra, who is a self-absorbed narcissist that makes me laugh out loud every time I go to her place.

And there is Daffy the hottest duck on the pond with a sense of humor that will quack you up.

Then there is <a href="adiaryofamadwoman.com">The Mad Woman, the new momma (of new born Sam the Dude and his older sister, Maddy) who is really a dirty old lady at heart (my kinda woman).

I also like men (in a manly, ass slapping sort of way, ooh rah) like my buddy and former Navy Pecker Checker (Corpsman – nurse) Ed who is as funny as he is dedicated to serving former vets at the VA.  He also does a little stand-up comedy routines and draws stick men (such an artist.)

I would also send the award to who has her ups and downs, but is a sweet and loving lady who needs a good screwing by a young stud (my observation, not anything she has requested.)
And of course there is Snuggle Wasteland who blogs about her trials and tribulations with her husband (TO), her boys and of course her work. 

Finally, I can’t forget the beautiful  lady who works with our PTSD warriors and former Army Brat at the Reckmonster’s place.

So ya see, I’ve already named seven peeps.   That’s why  I can’t send out rewards because of those left behind who deserve it, too.

So I won’t send this one out either. 

However if the above mentioned peeps really think they deserve something from me, they are welcome to it.  Honest!  It’s y’alls.

Later, yo!


Aleta said...

You always make me laugh, thanks for that! I'll have to check out those bloggers :)

Mad Woman behind the Blog said...

AWESOME....man, I've missed some good posts. So happy you sent me the little teaser, you dirty old dog.

And while I'm a bit behind on both reading and writing posts, I'll have to seriously consider this award. I've got some pay it forwarding to do.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I'm in good company on this one.

Ed said...

Yeah, the first time I came by and tried commenting on this, it kept saying Page Not Found.

Blogger is a bitch.

Anyway, thanks Bro!

Daffy said...

I know you love my Quack, ya big softie!! It loves you too....any time you gentle giant...any time!

Thanks :)

The Reckmonster said...

Hey Coffey - Thanks for the shout out! I'm just getting back in the swing of bloggerland so I'm catching up on reading posts. You rock, Brother Coffey!!

The Reckmonster said...
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