Thursday, June 23, 2011

David Update

Sorry! I am interrupting this joke fest to update you on my nephew, David.

As you recall, David stepped off the third story balcony so he could go for a walk and broke both ankles and his right leg below the knee.   He also compressed some disk and broke his back.   After stabilizing him in Fort Walton Beach, he was flown to Atlanta to be near family – me and my brother Stephen. 

They took him down for surgery that day.  Stephen and I set in the waiting room for three hours before finding out that they didn’t operate.  But no one knew why he was brought back to the floor.  But Stephen, who has Parkinson’s, was getting weak, so I drove him home. 

The next day I and my brother and son-in-law drove down to Destine to retrieve David’s car and stuff from the condo.  David was not operated on as they said he would be.

They moved him to a semi-private room.  They plan to operate the next day.  Didn’t happen!  But I was picking up stuff for preparation of moving into another house in a few months so I called.  They would not tell me anything over the phone, even though they know me and stuff.  But it’s the rules.  I guess it’s because I am a Naturalized Citizen and not entitle to common courtesy.  Maybe if I spoke Spanish…

So Monday, Stephen and I walk into the room to find David with his arms strapped to the bed and him out of his head.  It seems that the nurse walked in on him sitting on the side of the bed with his back brace off, pulling the needles out of his arm and about to try walking off. 

I talked to him (you have to shout because he only has 20% hearing in his right ear, deaf in the left one. ) He calmed down some, but was still saying stuff.  Actually it was funny talking and listening to him ramble.  But they still didn’t have him on the operating list.  Maybe Tuesday!  We ask to talk to the Dr. or someone.  He is not available but will call me.

Didn’t call!

So I pick up Stephen and I tell him I am gonna find out something or security will be called.  He knows my charm and persuasive ability when I decide I want something.  He begged me to be nice.  And I was.  I got the nurse in the room and gently explained my frustration and desire to talk to the doctor or hospital administrator or someone NOW.  I then loosened my grip on her throat and let her slide back to the floor so she could go get someone.

About fifteen minutes later a doctor came in to talk to us.  He seemed to be put out because he actually had to come to a hospital room and talk to someone.  I just smiled at him in a way that let him know I didn’t give a harry rats ass what he thought or felt. I just wanted answers.  I got them.

They haven’t operated on David because of the excessive swelling in the legs and ankles.  Why someone couldn’t tell us that to start with I don’t know.  But they will have to wait on the swelling to do down before they can put in pins and rods.  Two weeks.  Then four to six weeks of bed rest with no load bearing weight on his feet.  Then he will have to go through a month or so of therapy to learn to walk again.

He is talking out of his head because he is having the DT’s.  Funny stuff!

Finally, two therapist come in to get him to sit up in bed and slide his butt into a wheel chair.  They cannot get him up as he is in such pain and actually yelling (he has a very high tolerance for pain so he had to be in agony.)  They let him rest, but I had to wonder. Two strong nurses couldn’t get him up with a back brace on, yet he took the damn thing off and set up on his own.  I assumed that he rolled on his side and pushed himself up with his arms.  He is very strong and I can see him doing that.

Anyway, he will be having the DT’s for the next couple of days, and then Stephen and I will become guardians by having him sign some papers.

I won’t bother you with anymore updates; I just thought this was a strange few days.

You can now return to your normal activates.

Coffeypot Out!


Jamie said...

I am sorry for all that you have to go through with this. I assume it is no fun being stuck in the middle of this without being consulted, but I know you and believe that you would be in the middle whether you were asked to or not. He needs someone on his side, and with that someone being you, he is one lucky fella, indeed.

Hang in coffey. Hugs.

lorraine said...

Sorry too. I am a nurse and try to flat out break rules of confidentiality when pt can't talk for him or her self. DT's mean he must have been drinking ALOT for longer than you were aware and had not quit. It takes awhile and during DT's people are supernaturally strong and have no awareness or memory of what they are doing. There is no pain or sense at all. He should come out of it but it is dangerous neverthe less and prayers are always in order. If they had done the surgery right away instead of shipping him he wouldn't have had the chance to swell, most probably. I have seen this set of circumstances before - with our doc out of town and by the time he gets back swelling has set in. You have my e-mail if you have any questions I can answer if you don't have nurses or drs around to ask. I'm in Europe but tx to internet I have been following your saga. I really will pray for you guys - it is all very difficult. Take care. lorraine

Ali said...

Oh my what a time you're having... hugs to you and your family, I pray everything will turn out well. xx

chief torpedoman said...

I can only give you my prayers and ask that you do keep posting updates about this. God bless.

Mel Def said...

So sorry to hear about your nephew and the frustration with his care. This is real life so I hope you will continue to share your updates and feelings about what's going on! Thinking of you, David and your family.

Stacy Lynn said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your nephew and all that you've been going through. The medical system can be....challenging. I hope and pray that all works out and ends well.

AirmanMom said...

My prayers have been lifted for David...and for you. If you choose not to post updates, will you please drop an e-mail with updates...otherwise I will have to Facestalk you!
Stay strong, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Your nephew is lucky to have you in his life. The only thing that could make this any sadder is if David didn't have any family members left that cared about him. *Hugs*

Anonymous said...

Aw honey, I missed this the first time. So sorry that this has happened. Please continue to provide updates on this. You are in my thgouts and prayers.

Julie said...

Aw, I'm sorry to hear about this. Sending thoughts and prayers to him....

Daffy said...

Oh Coffey....

blueeyedtawni said...

sorry to hear about your nephew.hospitals can be asses when you try to find stuff out : /
i dont mind the updates. i hope he truly gets better. DTs are pretty bad when one has been drinking that much :(
hugs to you

Miss Em said...

Hi Cp,

Just started to catch up and began reading about "David".
What a difficult mess to be in the middle of with one who has no-one else in his corner to help him.

My prayers are with you during this time and I hope that getting appointed guardian for "David" will allow you to aid him in a way that will make his life better and yours easier.

Do your best on the 'trying to get some rest' fore sometimes that's the hardest thing to accquire.

On bended knee with candle in hand...Miss Em

Lisa said...

I am so sorry.. I am sending all the warm wishes you can stand your way!

Kanani said...

Sometimes hospital bureaucracies can be so strange they defy explanation. The only one I can come up with is that someone didn't look at the information disclosure list to see if you were on it. Once you're his guardian, no doubt --you'll be fully apprised. What I would recommend is asking for is a meeting with the hospital social worker. They can be of huge help is streamlining communications, and even finding outside resources if needed. They'll even schedule a meeting with the care treatment team, and you'll be regularly apprised, and also know how best to help him.