Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fairy God Mother - My Kind Of Luck Too

As a lady sat on the front porch reflecting on her life, a fairy godmother suddenly appeared and offered to fulfill three wishes for her.
“Well,” she said, “I would love to be rich.”
POOF: The fairy godmother turned her rocking chair into solid gold.
“And I wouldn’t mind being a young and beautiful princess.”
POOF: The woman was turned into an exquisite young princess with a priceless crown of jewels.
“Your third wish?” asked the fairy godmother.
While the woman was thinking this over her dog raised his head and uttered a single weak, horse “woof.”
“Could you possibly turn my  wonderful dog into a handsome prince?”
POOF: There in front of the beautiful princess stood the most handsome young man she had ever seen, more handsome than she could possibly have imagined.
She stared at him in awe, completely smitten.  As she stared at him in utter awe, he came slowly toward her.  He knees weakened as he bent down to her.
He brushed his lips across her ear and whispered, “Now I bet you’re sorry you had me neutered.”


powdergirl said...

Hah! Good one!

My 3 wishes:

_wake up on a tropical beach.
_large box of small unmarked bills next to me.

Coffeypot said...

Powder, I love the Amnesia part.

Paxford said...

Did somebody say three wishes?






AirmanMom said...

Happy Tuesday!
This is a good one!
My three...

1) my children to know happiness...most of the days of their lives.
2)our Warriors to return home-whole in body and mind.
3) fresh sheets on my bed every single day (nope..this does not mean I change them)

Beau's Mom said...

My first wish would be to have anything I want.

Then I could save the other two for later.

Momma Fargo said...

Neutered isn't bad...then they can't get you pregnant and all the free sex you want.

merrytait said...

LOL! What a riot!!!


I am having a card giveaway on my blog of handmade art cards (by me). Anyone can enter. But they must agree to give something away themselves on t heir blog--not to me, but to a random other person.)

merrytait said...

The giveaway is on No Polar. I am not trying to increase readership or sell cards, only to give something away.