Saturday, October 22, 2011

Friday Was Work Day

Judy took of Friday from work and she, me, step-son Steven and his wife Laura loaded up and went to the new house to work on the basement apartment.  The day was spent working in the kitchen and dining area.  It was a long day with much accomplished.

The kitchen is taking shape. The stove is in and working. All the cabinets are hung and ready. The ceiling is in.  All that is left, mostly, is the flooring.  We haven't decided whether to paint the cement or lay linoleum.  I lean toward the linoleum, but Judy is thinking painting for now until we win the lottery.  Money is thigh right now.  Even the Waffle House visits are in jeopardy.

Here is Steven installing the sink and dishwasher.  This young man is amazing.  There is nothing he cannot do in a home.  He has closed in and built the area for the automatic garage door, redone the electric stuff on the main floor, hung the lighting and fans, installed most of the stuff in the basement and continues to impress me.  And he is so quite and laid-back.  He doesn't brag, doesn't cuss or drink (you can tell I didn't have much of an influence on his upbringing.) and is just an all-around great guy.  I am truly blessed with great step-kids, an awesome daughter and son-in-law, and the worlds greatest grand kids.  Now if I could only win the lottery, life would be perfect.

This it the thing that kills me.  My back will not let me stand and reach like this for long.  Judy is the bearer of all the hard work.  She, too, is amazing.  And the good thing???  She loves doing this stuff.  She is in love with house projects.  Her next project, when we finish this and move in, is to build a deck outside our entrance.  Now that I can help her with, if she lets me.

Enough for now.  Got to go stretch out on the floor to ease the back pain.  Then I'm heading out to Rome, GA, to sit with Marni and Bug and watch J-Man in a high school band competition.  It's gonna be cold as a mother-in-law's heart, but I have a good coat so all is well.  The best part is I get to see the grand-kids after about a three week absences (unheard of in our life.)

Later, peeps!


LOLA said...

Lookin' good, Coffey. That will be a great place to live. I bet you cheered for those grandkids.


dc said...

Real women love them electric tools!! That looks like my staple gun. Everything is looking great. Paint that floor barn Red. You would love it with those white cabnets, then throw down some area rugs. Just saying.

Coffeypot said...

LOLA, Thanks!

dc, you read our mind. Red was the color were were thinking about, but we decided to bite the bullett and lay down hardwood flooring with throw rugs tossed about.