Sunday, October 02, 2011

In Honor Of The Auzies Down Under

I rarely venture out of the coffey pot without my Navy cap, or wearing a shirt with my ship’s name or logo, or my jacket with the ship's logos.  It’s not because I am bragging about my service, though I am proud that I served with some great guys on a great ship.  Not in the least.  I wear them so in respect and remembrance of the 74 lost young men who perished on the night of 3 June, 1969.  Turning the wrong way in response of being called to ‘Plane Guard’, a position 500 to a 1,000 yards off the back of the carrier, the Australian aircraft carrier, HMAS Melbourne, ran into her and cut her in half with the front half going down in three minutes.  It gives me a chance to tell their story and seeking help in getting their names on The Wall.

Believe me, there are no hard feelings toward the Australians involved.  Quite the contrary!  They performed some heroic deeds that night in saving some of our guys and are an intrical (may not be a real word) part of our yearly reunions.  We have established lasting friendships whit some of those blokes and have enjoy emails and pictures between each other over the past years.

And I have met some bloggers from Down Under, too.  And one of my bestes pals is Mari Paxford, better known to those who blog and face book with her as Pax.  She is such a sweetheart and is a huge military supporter of our troops.  Pax is always sending out treats, stuffed kolas and ‘roos and other stuff to her Army and Marines provided by Soldiers Angles.   She gives of herself selflessly.

But she doesn’t do much for the Navy.  I am her sailor of choice.  So she emails me and sends me special gifts and her love.  But I have to be careful.  I think she is trying to poison me.  She sent me a ‘treat’ called musk sticks.  She also sent some to Burk at A1S for him and his Zombie Killing Ninja Marines.  He posted a few pictures of the faces his killers made while eating this industrial cleanser.  He is convinced she is with the Jihad and trying to weaken his troops (he loves her, too.)

So getting to the purpose of this post, Pax knows of my feelings toward the Auzie servicemen, so she sent me a cap with the sunburst logo of the Australian Army.

Said Sunburst Cap on the Stud of the Navy

She knows the respect I will show this gift.  So here I am at Ruby Tuesday’s for Sunday Brunch and sporting my jacket with my ship logos and wearing my special cap…an appropriate tie in between the two countries.

 And I will wear it often.

Thanks, Pax.  You are da babe (uh…Sheila.)


LOLA said...

What a handsome man! Where did you find him and how did you convince him to pretend to be you? Love the cap!


Coffeypot said...

It's a curse, Lola. I am constantly being besieged by men magazines for cover shots and women's for nude fold outs.

Paxford said...

Looking good there Mr Coffeypot :)

Although I'm not so sure about the A1S Jihad comment. He's too nice to condemn me to an after life of 70 virgins {ergh... having nasty flashbacks to the last Gamers Convention I attended... If only they had social skills and knew how to use SOAP!}


Suz said...

I love it. Very much. Pax rocks and so do you!

Coffeypot said...

Nah, Suz! Pax is the rock star. I'm just a sex object. That's because every time I ask for sex the ladies object.

Beau's Mom said...

Dayum. Here I was, thinking I was your one and only and Pax has been buying your affections! You're a handsome hung of man-meat in that cap. Joe wears his fire department caps and jacket for the same reason: not for recognition, but for the pride he has for his brothers and their efforts.

Beau's Mom said...

Oh crap!!!!

I meant: You're a handsome HUNK of man-meat. But I KNOW you'll somehow use the "HUNG" to your advantage.