Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Respect For Short People

Ya know, being 6’4” and 230 lbs. of hicky-bait, I don’t have to look up to communicate with a lot of people.  But this weekend gave me a new perspective on the vertically challenged types.

Saturday and Sunday were spent with Judy and me installing furring strips and ceiling tiles in our new basement apartment.  Two whole days of looking up, handing tiles, glue, pneumatic stapler and nailer has given me a whole new respect for short people.

My neck is sore and my shoulders are stiff, so I can sympathize now.  Though I guess the neck and shoulders of you less than towering types are in better shape because you've had a lifetime of looking up, it still has to get old.

I will make a concentrated effort to make it easier for y’all spend less time looking up to me.  From now own I will bend over when we talk, or I will sit down to get our heads on a more even plane.  I will try to make it easier on you…except when blogging.  We are all the same height here.  We see each other eye to eye.

Now I don’t ache as much.


LOLA said...

Coffey Darling, I'm accustomed to looking up to my favorite men. My dad was 6'1" and Favorite Young Man is 6'3". I appreciate being able to look up to a man every now and then.

Beau's Mom said...

You are truly a saint among men who never tires of making life easier for those less fortunate than yourself.

Stop it.

Maxwell said...

If you want to feel better about yourself, get in a shower with a short nozzle. That will make you jealous of short people, and appreciative of the ability to stand up straight.

Coffeypot said...

Lola, I'd love to have you looking up at me...

BM, you know how giving of myself I am. I can't stop it, I care too much. But you are right, I am a saint. Saint Coffey the Hung One. Women worship at my staff of life.

Maxwell, no shit, dude. Standing up and having the shower water hit you in the chest...developers who build hotels and motels should be banned from hiring midgets.

Golden To Silver Val said...

How sweet of you, Coffey! All 4'11 of me thanks you. (I always wanted to be at least 5'4) Being short is a pain....everything is built for much taller people. I've learned in life, however, that not everyone who is tall is TALL. You, dear friend, are the equivalent of being 10 feel tall because of all the kindnesses you do. You would be tall even if you were short. (does that make sense to you?) Hugs.