Friday, February 17, 2012

Back At It

 Sorry I haven’t been around lurking and commenting lately.  I have been as busy as a one-armed paper hanger with the hives. 

On Wednesday I drove down to The Varsity in Atlanta for my fix of chili dogs and the high school meeting we have every other month.   This year is my 50 high school reunion, too.  Amazing!  And the majority of the class is still with us.  Some more than others, but still among the living.

This time we had around 125 alum’s from the 40’s through 1965.  There are a great group of people and we always have fun visiting with each other.  Most of the guys are Nam vets or Nam era vets.  Plenty of war stories abound – mingled in with old high school stories.  We were a hardy bunch (if you can believe all the stories.)  Of course I just listen because I was a well behaved, church going, Baptist raised young man.  Why they keep trying to put my name in their stories is beyond me.

The lady above is Nancy.  She was a couple of years behind me and had a terrible crush on me…and I didn’t know it.  I thought she was just being friendly because I was a senior…that kind of thing.  She is one of my besties now, and I always enjoy seeing her at these events.  She is also one of my BFF’s on Facebook, too.

This picture is a group from the 50’s.  Lloyd, squatting down for the picture was my brother, Jim’s, best friend and the two ladies were BFF’s with my sister, Mary.  Age has only slowed us down just a little.  I mean, do they look like thy are in their 70's?  Didn't think so, either.

After leaving the Varsity I drove over to Smyrna and checked into a motel for the night.  But since I had only had three hours sleep the night before, I passed out around three p.m. and slept till ten p.m.  I then went to get a bite to eat and came back just in time to fall asleep around 11:30.  Why am I sleeping so much lately?  I never use to sleep much.  I guess all those missed hours are coming back disguised as makeup naps now.

Why get a motel room?  It is a 100 mile drive from the Coffeypot to the Varsity and I had to be back in the area on Thursday to take David to a couple of doctor visits.  The motel was cheaper than the cost of gas for the 200 mile turn around, so I decided to stay in the area.

David is doing much better, and using a walker and a cane.  He still has a few months or rehab to go before he can to go work again, but he is determined to make it.  We also got to have a great lunch between doctor visits.  We went to one of his favorite restaurants.  He hadn’t been there since last June and really missed the place.  I use to go there (Vittles in Smyrna) back in the day when I was single and living in the area.  Great vegetables and sweet iced tea.  The place has change a little.   Like, the door I use to go in is now the smoking side.  David was feeling a little pain so we stayed on that side.  But believe me,  it is hard to eat while holding your breath.

Anyupdate, after I let David at his house, I had to drive to Villa Rica to get the grand-kids.  They have Friday and Monday off, so we get them for a long weekend.  Insert Snoopy Happy Dance here.   That also adds another 50 miles to the return trip, too.  And J-Man had his girlfriend over for a late Valentine dinner, so I had to wait for him.  I then took his sweetie home (they are so meant for each other) before leaving.  We set out around nine p.m. and got home at eleven o’clock.  Eleven oh one I was looking that he back side of my eyelids.

I’m getting too old for this stuff.  But what else have I got to do?  The good things is I’m not in my chair with the laptop in my lap.  So I guess it’s good.

Carry on!


AirmanMom said...

Welcome Home!
You are a good man!

Paxford said...

Love to hear of your adventures - and that David is doing so much better :)


Janie Junebug said...

I'm Snoopy happy dancing for you -- naked.


Ragtop lady said...

Loved that post John, and I love the pix of us - I know I tease a lot, but I think the world of you and you are one of my best friends ever - I always get excited about the Varsity gatherings - it's so nice to stay in touch w/ all these good peoples from school & growing up - we have such great memories from a great time. You are a real sweetheart to help David like you do - keep up the good work, and enjoy those grandkids this weekend. PS. you're still my main man !!!

Lickety Splitter said...

You are always on the go. I wish I had as many places and people to visit as you do :)