Monday, May 14, 2012

Dot Got Her Nails and Chin Done

(Not My Granny Dot)

Grannydot wanted to get her toenails and fingernails sharpened, shaped or trimmed…whatever it is you women do with all those chink women jabbering to each other. However, Judy was busy (she wanted to run up to the mall and get Dot a Mother’s Day present, but I think she was just making up stuff so she wouldn’t have to do this) and she asked me to take her. I had to get a haircut and beard trim anyway, so I agreed.

As a side note, why is all the magazines in a beauty shop just for women? Men go in there for stuff, too. No Playboys, Hustler, Popular Mechanics or even a People. Anyways, after going through a two foot high stack of magazines I finally settled on one that was ALL advertising called Cheerleaders. Not one good. Not a hot girl to be seen. No foldout either. Boring!

Anyparlor, after the lady was through with me I had to wait on Dot. (See comment above). Finally she came out with a pretty shade of red fingernails and a plastic fold up thingy that kept her from being barefoot and these things between her toes. Something to do with the drying process, I assume. But she had the same polish on her fingers and there were no funny things between them. Do toenails dry slower?

Besides, Dot walks with a walker and she was trying to shuffle with those little flimsy flip-flops, or whatever they were, sliding sideways on her feet. Actually it was kinda funny watching her shuffle out the door.

Judy was bragging on how nice her digits looked, but Dot wasn’t as excited about that as she was about the chink waxing her chin and pulling out three or four hairs that could have been braided.

I guess taking a pair of tweezers, piers, duct tape or weedwacker and get rid of them at home would be too much activity for her, so she paid an extra $5.00 to have them chopped down at the salon. Women?!?!

She asked Judy to look at her face several time to see how it looked. I took a look, too, and damn if she’s even uglier now that the bush has been cleared. But she is pretty on the inside (I keep telling myself.)

Only five more days…


Janie Junebug said...

Hang in there. I get my eyebrows waxed so I don't have a unibrow. Thank God I don't have any other facial hair.


lotta joy said...

Maybe she's getting beautified to meet Jesus? You can only hope.

Coffeypot said...

Beau's shit and die you cowardly cunt!

JJ, I'm not saying anything against any cosmetic hair removal...but there were three hairs that could be plucked.

LJ, she was talking about that today. She doesn't think she will be here for her Christmas visit. If she is, great.

Momma Fargo said...

You really need to thank Dot for your free entertainment and blog fodder. LOL