Sunday, May 27, 2012

Honoring The Survivors of Pearl Harbor

I had a great day today.

Though Memorial Day is tomorrow, Monday, the 28th, Judy, the grand-kids and I went to Marietta (GA) National Cemetery to honor the ten survivors who passed away this year (Roy Mooney – who passed away a few months ago was the father of my best friend) of the Pearl Harbor Attack on Dec 7, 1941. He was at Schofield Barracks and spent most of WWII patrolling and standing guard in Hawaii. Roy’s oldest son, Don, was by best friend growing up. Don is a 30 year E1 to O4 retired member of the US Air Force and we still keep in touch.

Here I am showing of my Red, White and Blue combo under the covered vines. I know, ladies, too Hot. I know you want me. And a few of you men, too.

But, this one has me. The long suffering Judy.

This is Evelyn Mooney, Roy’s widow and one of my moms while growing up. And she is still as beautiful as she was back in the day. And just as sweet.

The granite memorial to the GA Pearl Harbor Association was carved by one of Roy and Evelyn’s other son’s, Steven. He is an awesome artist and does some great sculptures. See the Patriot Guard lining the wall? No?! Well they will be lining the wall holding American Flags.

Sorry! I had two more pictures to show you but blogger is doing its normal screw up thing, so I will just say:

The weather was perfect and the stories from the 5 survivors were unreal. History there! One of the men was on watch in the radar shack and saw them coming in. As history reports, he was told it was a flight of bombers coming in from the mainland and to shut down and go get breakfast. As the crew was walking down the hill the bombing started.

Another man was on watch as radio operator on a destroyer across the harbor from the battleships. He heard an explosion and went outside just as Jap plane few by at eye level. The two Japs waved and flew on to Hickam Field. He ran back inside and sent out the Morris Coded message that Pearl was under attack by the Japs. His dispatch is read and displayed all over the world today.

Like a dummy, I did not get their names or their pictures. I do regret that. There are only 20 men left from that day living in GA. But only 5 showed up.

And the Patriot Guard surrounded us, too. They are the best. Still serving their nation (at their own expense mind you.) There are over twenty thousand PG’s across the nation and not a one pays dues. They are just there for the families of the fallen.

Heroes all!

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God bless you all. Without people like you where would America be..... THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH.....