Thursday, August 16, 2012

On The Road Again - Maybe For The Last Time

It’s that time again, Peeps. I’m heading back to Menands, NY, with an animal transport of a couple of dozen puppies. But things are different this time.

There will be no nude blogging from the motel.

I know, ladies. I truly hate to disappoint, but this time I will be accompanied by the long suffering (and bestest honey) Judy. With her going with me, there will be no need to stop at the Nude Blogging Motel. Instead we will be driving nonstop.

And this will probably be my last transport, or at least the last one to Menands. Too many personal changes and not enough corporation to make it work, so Dr. Amber and her Able Bodied Helper, Susan, have decided not to send anymore. This is not written in stone, but seems to be for the near future. I may still have some short runs to take. We’ll see.

So… since there will be no nude blogging…I won’t be taking my laptop. That means I’ll be offline from around 5 pm today until Friday night or Saturday morning. Therefore, DO NOT post anything worth reading or commenting on until I get back. I don’t want to miss anything. Thanks for working with me. You're the best!

See, or as the case maybe, Read ya later.

And In The Meantime, Read My Last Post About The DNC Schedule. It's pretty good.


Paxford said...

Travel safe & stop for rests on the way


Symdaddy said...

Have a safe trip!

Give the doggies a pat from me!

lotta joy said...

What will happen to the homeless pets now? Crap. When the economy hurts the helpless, I get angry. But what good does that do?

Since you're finally taking Judy, I won't bother showing up at the No Tell Motel. You're HER problem now.


Suz said...

Enjoy your trip! Say, are you coming up Interstate 81? If so, you'll drive right by my house. Email me if you want my phone number. Maybe we can meet for a meal? You can bring Judy and I'll bring WolfAlpha - they'll distract each other. ;)

The Reckmonster said...

Why don't you do some nude driving and come back with stories about Judy trying to hide under a hoodie because of all of the truckers blaring their horns at you???

middle child said...

Well then. I am going to stop reading your blog in the nude. So there!

NavyOne said...

Thank the Lord, no nude blogging. Those dogs are lucky to have folks like you. . .