Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall And Halloween Time Suggestions

Now that it is officially FALL, it's time for Fall and Halloween decorating, and party planning.  Below is a bit if information from Bob Matthews to help you through the season…I hope. 

And, no, I have not turned gay.  Just passing on some information I received and though you seasonal types would appreciate it.  That’s all.  Honest!  I AM NOT GAY!!!

1. About Scarecrows
2. Fall and Halloween Decorating
3. Get the Jump
4. Recipe Suggestions
5. On the Light Side

1. About Scarecrows:
Scarecrows have been used by gardeners for pest protection for thousands of years. They are the oldest form of garden bird control. They are also a very big symbol of the fall and harvest season. They are easy to make, and will really make your fall yard scene look great!
* Learn about Scarecrow history and how to make a scarecrow at:
* Also see Scarecrow Trivia at:
2. Fall and Halloween Decorating:
If you haven't set a few pumpkins out on display, or brought out other fall decorations from storage, what are you waiting for!? Many people think that the colorful fall season, with a nip in the air, is the absolutely best time of year.
Set, the mood with a great fall, and later Halloween, display.
* Pumpkin Picking Tips, for young and old:
* Halloween Decorating, see:
* We've got you covered, with a great selection of Fall and Halloween merchandise, all at great prices. Don't miss out on out. Shop for Fall and Halloween now at:
3. Get the Jump on Halloween Party Planning:
Fall is a busy season. Halloween comes up fast. if you are planning a Halloween party, and we sure hope you are, start that planning now. Here's some information to help you to have the absolutely best Halloween party ever!
* Halloween party ideas:
* Halloween party games:
* Pumpkin Carving parties:
* Halloween decorating, party and pumpkin carving:
4. Fall Recipe Suggestions:
It's time to cook and bake with some of our favorites…pumpkins sand apples!
May we suggest
* Apple Crisp, an old family favorite:
* Pumpkin Zucchini Nut Bread:
* More garden recipes:
* Pumpkin recipes galore:
5. On the Light Side:
* Brush up on your pumpkin knowledge and impress your friends:
* Fall Festivals, you’ve e just gotta go. Find one:
In just a few weeks, we will find out if the giant pumpkin world record will be broken again. (of course it will!!!) Will the one ton mark be reached? Find out first right here…. So, stay tuned…
Bob Matthews


Janie Junebug said...

A one ton pumpkin? You could bake a hell of a lot of pies with that.


Coffeypot said...

It's not really a pumpkin...the just painted Oprah's ass orange.

Ducky said...

Bwaahaaaaa Oprah's ass.....

Fall is awesome! I love all of this!

Hillbilly Duhn said...

I wonder what they do with all that pumpkin - one ton.

Poor Oprah, Coff, don't you think she may have preferred another color?

lotta joy said...

Poor Coffey. You're gay.