Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thank You, Pax...and Sorry!!!

Reading my Aussie Gal Pal’s blog today I realized I have let Pax down (head down, embarrassed look on face).A few weeks ago she was looking for some ideas for a giveaway. She suggested perhaps a poem or limerick of some sort would do.
So I sent her some very poor examples to let her know why I couldn’t enter the contest.

I have no talent when it comes to words other than a varied use of the F word with accompanying adjectives. I also have been known to use some lesser words of the vulgar persuasion type, too. But I am best with the F word.Anyway, she chose to show her appreciation ( I guess, rather than trying to pay me off to say away) she sent me a coin and a pin.

The coin is the Aussie Army Rising Sun on one side and the Australian Flag and Slouch Hat on the back. I have added this prize to my Coin Collection with honor and pride. But I am overlooking the Army part as I am a sailor at heart. So I will tell everyone it is the Australian Defense Force Coin that covers the Navy, too. (Yes, I am biased.)

She also sent me a pin honoring the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. And, YES, they are bears because they are Koala-fied to be one. (I am sorry about the sideways view…too computer illiterate to make it stand at attention. Is there a Viagra for computer pictures???)

Anythanks, I hope being late is better than never, and that she will not be too mad at me.

You can’t help but luv the Sheila. For all her support with Soldiers Angles and the Marines, she deserves more respect than I have shown her.

Sorry Luv xxxoooxxx


Paxford said...

Am not even mildly cranky so it is all good.

Like any parcel I send off to my military adopters or friends the only thing I care about is if it made you smile :)


Janie Junebug said...

I like "koala-fied." Nice turn of a word.


middle child said...

Koala-fied??? Oh Coffey. Has it come down to this?
As for the picture? It works well that way too. Trust me. I know.

myevil3yearold said...

have fun on your trip- we are taking off on ours as well