Monday, October 22, 2012

A Strange Wedding But A Great Night

(Not The One Where They Worship)

Well, the wedding is over and no sacrifices were made.  Just a long damn time wasted, IMHO.  This is the first wedding I have been to that the bride, broom, best man and bridesmaid along with the wedding party had chairs to sit in.  Why?  Well let me tell ya.

The guy who the groom chose to administer the ceremony talked for an hour, giving several scripture verses (and the groom had to look them up and read with him, as did many in the audience) on how to be a Christian husband and wife.  How Jehovah God was to be first in the family with the husband being next in the hierarchy.  The wife comes in third, completing the trifecta, along with her being subservient and submissive to his will.

Okay! I get that different religions have their rules and regulations that make them different for all the other sects, but shit like that needs to be done during the meetings with the clergy.  Though the Jehovah Witnesses do not have one preacher, I think they have an elder or something, and that each member can preach when the want to.  If this is how it works, then I don’t see that just anyone, no matter how much they know, believe or is brainwashed, should be giving advice to any new coupe, unless it’s over a few beers.

That is a strange religion.  Sorry, but that is my opinion, and you don’t have to agree with me.  Honest! You don’t.  I’m perfectly happy to let you believe what you want to believe in and practice your religion any way that makes you happy.

At any rate, they are married.

This is Vernon ‘Junior’ and Rachael.  I don’t know why he is called Junior.  It may be that his dad is a ‘Senior’, or it could be that is the highest grade he competed in high school, or it could be he is the last or youngest of all the cousins.  But I will say that he is a great guy, full of laughter and can dance like a demented fool and totally loves his Rachael.  

He is of Brazilian blood.  His grandmother was here from Brazil and she could not speak a word of English.  Junior’s sister set with us and translated our conversations…when they weren’t on the floor dancing.  There were almost 200 JW’s and/or Brazilians at the party and they all danced.  Even the elderly!  It gave me mixed feelings.  I was happy for the couple and for the good time that everyone was having, but sad that I have nothing like that in my life.  

There is no family or kin that party like that.  No traditions.  No lifelong friends.  I do have my high school pals that I finally got in contact with (thanks to Facebook) but only after 45 to 50 years, I get to enjoy my shipmates at the reunions each year, but nothing like what I saw last night.

But I don’t wish I had that stuff bad enough to become a Jehovah Witness.  I enjoy being a heathen too much.


Janie Junebug said...

I don't have people to party with like that. Occasionally I see family at funerals, but we don't dance. One of these days, though, I'll wear a red dress and dance on somebody's grave. I don't agree with the whole Jehovah's Witnesses thing, but I'm not exactly a heathen. I'm more pagan.


Pamela said...

God looks on the heart...... just saying

Kristy said...

Very different wedding indeed. Interesting.

Suz said...

Community is good, but extreme community can be stifling. It is nice to see a Christian church that actually preaches what the Bible says about marriage roles. Most churches no longer dare to.

Anonymous said...

JW fellow who was acquainted to a lovely couple, raped and shot the sweet lady in a community now far from where I live, he just turned 25 yesterday, his wife a JW too..What a horrible thing to do and preaches his faith, give me a break, they say he is on suicide watch let him go, he will save the state a lenghty trial and her family and husband of less than 2 years misery..why do people always profess their love of their faith and do horrible acts to others? I certainly don't get it...I believe in Karma and being a spritial being in a human body, that is it..All this go to He-- is a bunch of crap, the real He-- is here on earth with man's inhumanity to man and no concern for the unemployed, homeless and mentally ill, I have seen it don't worry about He-- it is here and nothing anyone can do would be worse than living with the inhumanity of man to man..All the holidays to me are just for companies to make tons of money and not paying their employees anything to get that money(eg. Walmart anyone) this election will be a doozy, still hatred of anyone of color and worshipping the love of money, one has to have money to live plain and simple, but too far people worship at the altar of money their real hearts desire..enjoy your blog you tell it like it is to you in your opinion...ciao!!!!!!!

dc said...

I love how you put your own twist on these events. Since you were present you must be part of "something" See what I mean??
Gee I sort of agree with anonyamous there. Now that is scary, but he made some good points. See why you shouldn't discuss religion or politics? Course that would make your blog dull.