Thursday, October 18, 2012

On The Road Again

About to hit the road again! Yep, Judy and I are headed to East Brunswick, NJ, for her niece’s wedding.  Those damn heartless, inconsiderate Yankees - insisting on having their wedding at home among family and friends instead of down here in beautiful, sunshiny, seventy-five degree weather.  Who knows how a Yankee’s brain works!!!

So we will be heading out around 4:00 or so and drive for a few hours, then stay in a motel for the night.  It’s a 13 hour drive (or less if I can get away with it), which is not a problem for me, but why push it?  Half now; the other half tomorrow.  Sounds like a plan to me.

At any rate, I will have my laptop with me so I will be checking in.  We will be heading back Monday morning and getting home late, Monday night.  Straight through this time!  The wedding is Sunday afternoon and Judy has to be at work making me money on Tuesday, so we have to do it in one leg.  However, with a relief driver, it shouldn’t be a problem…if I can rest with Judy’s driving. 

It seems her driving style, speed, breaking and passing activities are not the same as mine, so she needs suggestions, and encouragement from me.   I mean, who can rest when one is pressing the break or giving it gas on the passenger side where there are no pedals can be very stressful.

On second thought, I may just drive all the way.  It makes for a more harmonious marriage when I do.  I’m considerate that way.

I know you girls are jealous, but Judy is the lucky one…sorry.

I’ll be checking in, Peeps.  Later!


Kristy said...

Have a nice trip.

Janie Junebug said...

I'm sure the wedding will be lovely and worth the drive. Please don't be a speed demon.


lotta joy said...

Having just got back from a 14 hour drive, don't be a pussy. Get there and get home. I will never, ever, do it again. Traveling is supposed to be fun, but I've NEVER seen anyone at a rest stop, having fun. Especially if they have kids.

I didn't drive, but my snoring kept Joe awake. So I was a help after all.

Paxford said...

Travel safe!


NavyOne said...

Say hi to Joisy for us. . .Breathe in the fresh air. Savor the local produce. . .