Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Adventure To Helen

Judy and I woke up this morning with this being the first morning without Granny Dot to take care of.   The initial intent was to take down some fencing and moving the chicken coops to a new location.  But it was damp and cloudy and looking like rain, so we decided to take a road trip into the North Georgia Mountains.

We settled on Helen, a small community in the mountains that is built like a Bavarian Village.  It is all shops and restaurants on the headwaters of the Chattahoochee River as well as dotted with motels and cabins.  It can be a fun day.

Most of the shops have the usual tourist trap stuff but a few have some funny and unique gifts.

Here is something that every Southerner must have in his home if he/she is to be considered couth and upscale. 

And ya can’t let anything go to waste either.   Take you used Jack or Jim or Smirnoff bottles, cut the bottom off and hand a trinket like a Georgas Bulldog from a string down the middle and you have a wind chime.

After a couple of hours we left and just road through the mountains and enjoyed the day. 

It beats fucking with chicken coops anyway!


Miss Em said...

Its been a longgggggg time since i went to Helen. From what i see maybe it's time to make another jaunt.
Thanks for the pics and a reminder of what is still available in our state.

David said...

I miss Helen too, especially during the fall. That's where my wife & I spent our honeymoon.

Janie Junebug said...

It's so sad that you must survive without the old bitch, uh, I mean sweet Grandma Dot who can't help it that she's constipated into making everyone miserable.


Old NFO said...

That it does... OUR weather was lousy, foggy/rainy all day... I don't think I've been to Helen for 20 years!

Momma Fargo said...

How fun! Love to go there someday!

Coffeypot said...

Miss Em..there is so many cool places here in the Peach State. And there were some cute peaches walking around there too...for a cool, cloudy, damp day.

David, come on back for an anniversary.

Janie, you just don't know how happy WE are that she is back home.

Old NFO, it was kinda like that up there too. But not so we needed an umbrella. Just kinda damp. Let me know if you come back for a visit and we will meet ya for some Bavarian brews.

MF, ya know you are welcome anytime and there is a lot to show you and Bug.